I personally think my site sucks. Here’s why…….

http: //www. shelby-sheriff. org/index. html

Please get easy on me personally. I’m a complete novice when it comes to design. I do need to become an qualified some day. Let me try to retain this short. Firstly, I have any desktop support track record. Of course, my supervisors felt it will be a great idea to become the web designer after your partner left. So they sent me to some DWCS3, HTML, plus CSS classes. Naturally, that was plenty to digest. I was granted the undertaking of finishing the newest site for some of our Sheriff’s Dept. which was left undone. That was about Five months ago and still there is no site ready for any public. Keep in your mind I haven’t also been given any advice about this. I’ve basiclly been told to figure it out. Supervisors view it to be resourceful. I perspective it as unrealistic. Anyway, after first completion, the managers hated the form. I only finished what the last designer had started off. Mainly because POST still didn’t know enough about web design to make a whole overhaul without screwing ” up ” something. The CSS has become the steepest learning curve to me. And to end up being honestly, I’m only good enough now to alter rules that another person created. I accomplish understand the logic through. But implementing it’s another issue. Your changes I produced were minor. I only updated colour and images. Even so the site is quite erratic. Pages hang for minutes on occasion. Sometimes IE generates error. Firefox demonstrates " read internet. google. com" while in the status bar (not positive why). I’m sure there’s code and CSS principles that aren’t needed at the same time. I really hate the website but I wasn’t given the natural light on scrapping the idea and started through scratch. Sure it will take longer. But In my opinion it would help make me more thorough and a better designer. I also believe the site would look approach better. Any help or advice is wonderous!! Unfortunately I won’t be able to offer any web design help in come back. As I improve I are able to help out various other beginners. Thanks ahead to anyone.

I read your own post before I looked over the site.
Thinking it will be a train-wreck, I was surprised… it’s less bad as MY SPOUSE AND I imagined.

Appears a basic Dreamweaver template of some sort, which is OK to get a beginner.

It’s hard to actually say anything that may make it easier available for you.
The majority of us code our sites yourself, using a textual content editor (or DW inside edit mode).
Having a WYSIWYG web page maker usually results in over-blown code.

The one advice I would give…
Once they don’t like the idea, let them hire an expert to create their website.
The cash would be good spent, and you should be " journey hook".
I suspect this will be a never-ending deal in your case (and you’ll lose in the end).
But you’re doing the suitable thing by learning (by example). Keep at it.

I’m type of self-taught. I did html, xhtml plus css tutorials on-line, but mainly get learned from demo and and fault, and downloading templates and chunks connected with code that do what I’d prefer, and then POST learn from which. That was a fantastic approach for me, and I’m happy that I have been previously able to rise at an simple pace. I’m still from school so I don’t have any industry practical knowledge or anything, but just keep sticking at it might get there.
I’m sure there will always be people who dislike a design, but just be creative.
But to be really honest, when the company got the entire novice to undertake it with limited period, resources, skills and experience etc rather then hiring a qualified, then they include brought it on themselves in ways. I agree by using mlseim.

But I didn’t think the site was too poor, actually. I viewed the site before I go through your post, and was surprised whenever you started going on about how exactly bad it ended up being. Of course it is usually improved, but it’s not bad! I think you’re posting little hard at yourself.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate both of you thinking it’s not just a total disaster. And I get neither of you had trouble pulling upward the sight. That may be the part which is puzzling. The difficulties occur inside my personal company’s network. In addition to being for how coursesmart looks, It’s not what I had in mind yet was told to go ahead with the planning that no just one had the courage to say they hated. That would include saved me a lot of trouble and period.

" I suspect this will be a never-ending deal in your case (and you’ll lose in the end). "

However, I feel this way many times. The good thing is we have a site up i always maintain. What Thought about in mind for any new site was my own design. I hope it does not play out in the negative way. Part of that is still around me.

" There’s no doubt that you’re being a little hard on your self. "

That’s mainly because my vision for the site is in excess of my skill level right this moment. I want so that the point where I’ll make a web site look anyway I’d like and have complete control with the layout and subject matter. I know that would take some time but I believe it depends. Maybe not within my situation but after some time I will progress.

Any suggestion about the issue with that pages hanging I checked the code along with commented out some text nonetheless it didn’t help released. I even procured out the over the top and footer shots thinking maybe we were holding causing the prolonged load times. Yet again, thanks in advance for every advice you generally offer.

Try viewing your webblog at a criminal court library, a laptop store, or a persons house.
There’s no doubt that you’re dealing which has a firewall or central server issue.

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