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I am currently a Lecture with Tresham Institute, Kettering. Recently I am having problems having homework assignments away to students, and some of the students suggested organising a Bit torrent website, they set it up a example associated with how these proved helpful at " world wide web. suprnova. org" I would like to set-up much the same site for my students, could somebody give me some advice on this. Like what scripting language will be the site made inside I’ve noticed that every time they upload a Bit-torrent it displays on the webpage. I have viewed around various tracker screenplays the students suggested but it isn’t customizable.

Im adamant Bittorrent would be a fantastic idea, so any help can be appreciated.
Many thanks
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How big tend to be your assignments Little bit Torrents wouldn’t be advisable unless it’s as a minimum 1000 students or more, and they’d have to leave their shares up for some time. how many students do you have


I have around Three or four thousand students, the files utilize the 10mb to 50mb. I believe BiTtorrent is the opportunity for me and my students are you able to offer any guide please.

Many thanks

This is often a how-to for building files publicly obtainable via BitTorrent, and it’s primarily written if anyone else is running Windows.

Link is straight in the horse’s mouth. Research is a key to studying, don’t you agree

The main weakness in this is the students have to help keep the file in place for sharing. If not, it’s hard for everyone to get. Why don’tyou have the school host it though

Also, that’s a TRULY odd email address for any " Lecturer".

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