Costing of a Website/App using RoR

Non-developer here that has a new start-up. I realize that a lump-sum, all-encompassing flat fee to get a website/application isnt handy.
On the other hand, Ive read this threads about devalued programmer charges, so could people guys help myself figure how most effective to estimate the charge (or at least a considerable range) of developing a website/app designed as well as developed
As someone with restricted technical knowledge, seeking to budget for web development is really a black hole of confusionand seeing as the company is really a website, thats an issue in writing sometimes semi-accurate proformas.
The website needs to act for a subscriber-based e-commerce website like Ebay, Amazon or perhaps Etsy with store subscriptions for people, a social marketing aspect, and a CMS.
Are usually general financial range I should be thinking about

after you start getting towards subscriber sites that adheres to that, your talking a complete different set connected with skills.

dont confuse an internet designer with an internet programmer, although usually they need to have both skill-sets to get good.

I currently make $20/hr for a junior developer carrying out sites with backends plus the current project were taking care of was a $16, 000 long term contract. dont let the quantity scare you, browse around for estimates

check out
internet. rentacoder. com

You’ll be able to post your job specs and developers can bid with it.

Id suggest conference with different brands and developers and sitting yourself down with them with an index of specs. Its hard to gauge a cost from " i’d like to see a website together with subscribers".

Usually on craigslist once i look for some website jobs they say " very simple site 5-10 pages" but then they want to be able to edit themselves (this requires some CMS integration, or designing an individual CMS for of which site), then they want to be able to do e-commerce, then they want to be able to have people subscribe to mailing lists….

Purchase a paper, write down EXACTLY what you want and thats probably hard starting point gluck

furthermore, as a not for developer dont just forget about aspects like protection, updating, editing (i realize u mentioned CMS)

but ya like we said i help to make 20$/hr, and i just now graduated from institution for 3yrs, your taking a look at hourly rates of $20-$40 That may be my estimate, and a site that adheres to that could range coming from 5, 000-20, 000 dependant upon how much you want done and the way well u are interested done.

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