Could Someone Tell Me What I’m Looking For?

I would like to build an online site for a little club. I’d prefer to let users sign themselves up by providing the very least amount of tips (name, contact info, plus some user-defined " keywords" in which describe them). I would subsequently like for other users every single child either browse this review (i. e. browse by that keywords) or search for a particular keyword and now have the site give back all related files (i. e. find " baking" income all users which entered " baking" as a keyword).

Upcoming it gets trickier. I would like every single child incorporate some types of " point" process for barter. Basically, if I seek out " baking" after which you can click on an individual who does extreme, I need every single child contact that person with a description of the baking project. The other person needs every single child respond to my request which has a value – claim $50 – along with I need youngster should be accept/reject the provide.

Upon completion with the project, the baker needs every single child indicate that art is complete, and I need every single child indicate that the work is acceptable – at which time my " account" need to be debited $50 as well as the baker’s " account" need to be credited $50. Note that it’s not actual money; just " cloud money" for loss of a better period.

This whole setup is for a barter system for a relatively small list of users (a neighborhood). I’m really unclear what I must be looking for in terms of software and/or internet site and/or professional pattern help. I think : think – I need getting some sort of online database setup which has a simple search characteristic, but I’m unsure – and I’m certainly unclear about the point/money/barter credit score system.

Just seeking somebody to point me from the right direction to begin researching. That’s hard to undertake when you never even know the terms for what you’re wanting to do. Thanks before hand for any assist you can give.

To have this made out of scratch would take several years and cost considerably (for a programmer).
I mention this particular because I’m thinking you could possibly not have PHP/MySQL experience

Mid-section installing a WordPress site and seeking out for a plug-in for barter techniques:
http: //www. wp-trader. com/admin-screenshots/

Possibly, no matter what exactly, customization will be required, but the main part is completed.

The amount programming/internet/website experience can you have
What would people be willing to pay extra for a freelancer

Would you already have a webhost account w/domain name

No, no PHP/MySQL experience (or the perfect to be helpful, anyway). Had no idea there seems to be a WP plug-in – I’ll investigate that. I possess some programming expertise (one published apple iphone app), but little-to-no internet/website knowledge (other than iWeb or maybe the " build your instant website" work on 1and1. com as well as similar sites).

As this would be a not-for-profit deal for my community, I would prefer to limit my out-of-pocket bills. I doubt very seriously that we would be reimbursed through the Homeowners’ Association.

I never currently have any webhost account and/or domain name.

Here is how I’d personally approach this…

You sound like will probably be interested in understanding, or experimenting.
Thus, get a serious webhost account in addition to make-up a domain name. Use a cheap
host like cleverdot. com or someone like that… for about $50 per annum.
That’s pretty cheap. About $4 per thirty days, or one latte with Starbucks.

Along with that webhost bill, you can subsequently use their " fantastico" as well as some
other wizard to automatically install WordPress for you personally. Then, you find
a no cost (or pay) theme you enjoy and install of which… along with Plug-ins.

With your own internet site, you can create other directories and start playing
around with website pages, PHP, MySQL, javascripting. You can do whatever
you choose without bothering any one else. If that you do not like the WP expertise,
you simply delete it and move ahead.

You’ll need to " front" the actual annual webhost membership cost, but you become the
web site to yourself… it’s your web blog. You can subsequently create something with regard to your
neighborhood and reveal it for people to try. In the event that it takes-off, you possibly can host
it all on your own website, or go cloned to another webhost account.

The $50 per annum is well worth the area to teach you development skills.
You may also make scripts and things on your own… like your own home page.

Personally I can be you build it in wordpress it should be able to do everything you desire.

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