Creating Fourms

I became wondering if any person could help my family find tutorials or help guide me over the process of developing fourms. I will really apreciate the item thanks.

you could start by learning the right way to spell " fourums" the FORUM

j/k im not trying to be mean just look at google or look and find out if webdesignforums. net has a tutorial

expectation i help


Gives thanks much. sorry we people here in cincinati have wierd spellings

…. or it could be you mean STYLES… as in an online page form that emails
facts to someone

the problem whenever people don’t take some time to write accordingly…

hence… it’s FORMS or even FORUMS!

Make sure you as well: Make sure you have said: " hence… IS IT STYLES or FORUMS! " lol.

Judging by the belief that when typing " F-O-R-M-S" going no where this " U" key (on a normal QWERTY keyboard), I’d personally guess he has been saying forums

: ermm:

it is = it is

identical to I’d = I’d

Fourms like message boards’
sorry with the confusion

Karinne — " It is FORUMS or FORMS" would not make much perception lol. " CAN BE IT" on the other hand, does. Appear carefully.


On theme people…

Does your provider support PHP or perhaps ASP

php and also my SQL

people mean pee-atch-pee plus my ess-que-ell

Simply kidding…

If i were you, I’d take a look at a forum including: www. codingforums. com
Many people use http: //www. vbulletin. com/

It will cost $85. 00, but I think it would worth it.
If you find a totally free one, you’ll spend a whole lot time getting it
to work, you’ll wish you’d spent the money with a professional

What’s wrong along with phpBB It’s free and it also seems to work effectively.

vBulletin will be the best, hands straight down, but I don’t have any money and I am guessing neither should he.

There are a pair of good choices many people feel:
phpBB — Several plugins and templates
Basic Machines – More complete than phpBB, good if you want a message board and nothing else

Simple machines can be a cellphone, phpBB is more of your PDA.

Indeed, vBulletin is INCREDIBLY robust, although $85/year = ouch! Enjoying a permanent license isn’t a bad idea though.

phpBB and Invision are great.

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