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Fine, so I’m making a new registration type for my site. I want to produce this a table-free web-site, mainly for task more than anything.

Is it practical to generate a form using CSS Seems to me it would be a lot connected with work.

For example, I want the examples below information (keep planned it’s a family / friends site)

neighborhood address

Therefore, Normally, I’d come up with a table, two articles, and alighn the particular text fields from the right column on the left, and the text inside left column towards the right. so you’ll find a nice clean line the place that the forms line up.

Is that possible so is it Desireable


: Chris

It’s very desireable. In fact, it’s a hell of faster and easier. I suggest you check out some good degrees of forms.

http: //www. cameronmoll. com/portfolio/websites/upload/
http: //jfmselect. com/register. cfm

Should you study the markup plus the CSS, you are able to see how using < fieldset>, as well as < label> will make your life far too easy.

OOoo… I love. Thanks again, Brak.

Fine, question –

should you look here, you can observe the result associated with my efforts…

But Relating to two questions. Relating to the following :

width: 180px;
margin-top: 2px;

reviews. bday
width: 100px;
margin-top: 2px;

reviews. radio
width: 20px;
margin-top: 2px;

But should you look at this above link, as well as here, you’ll identify that the widths on the radio buttons along with the birth year field may not be changing.

Also – this font size to the labels and the conventional text is set to. 8 em – why is the label size smaller

: Thanks much.

: Chris

Fine, I think Truly figured it out and about… each text package has an " id" which means I can’t announce a class hard as well. Soooo, I must do a reviews id1, input id2, etc… right.

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