CSS or Tables

Do you find it best to:

  1. Design a website so it is completely table-less OR……
  2. Design a website where you work with tables for layout and CSS regarding presentation

Continually #1 without exemption, although keep in your mind tables are the precise thing to use when representing tabular information.

Use < div> rather than table and CSS with regard to presentation

setting up Div for system and CSS with regard to presentation…

Meh, you are doing know that they’re saying that tables should by no means be used (even intended for tabular data)… instead you’re designed to use < dt> < dd> tags.. I haven’t completely grasped/accepted that idea truthfully speaking but I do know from my a lot more recent research that tables = awful.

Nonsense. In case you have data that is actually naturally represented implementing column headers and also rows, it’s any table by distinction. dl/dd/dt is just for lists of meanings. The entire point of semantic markup could be to use the label that describes the images, and a table is okay at describing a new table.

Googling XHTML Validation and Tables…. I obtained enough links to choke a mule along with…

But this guy seems to be… neutral / educational….

http: //webdesign. regarding. com/od/layout/a/aa111102a. htm

But his over all suggestion; avoid platforms =S. Like I said though I am still researching that myself.

Whenever it’s tabular records, then use that dang table tags! They work within every browser regarded to man and they suit the must display data. You’ll be able to keep the markup fresh and style that with css. Now prohibited taking it past an acceptable limit to say " don’t use tables for tabular data", what a lot of crap. This originates from those coders who’re scared of looking bad should they have a table of their website, so they attempt to emulate one by using tags that were designed for other purposes. Tables weren’t designed to make layouts, the same as dl/dd/dt weren’t built to make tables! That may be symantically incorrect!

A quote on the movie " Stripes"
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i guy walks in to a bar……………….. ouch.

im old school and prefer dining tables but ive needed to go with divs in addition to css nowdays intended for browser compatability.

Utilize table for cell phone browser compatibility, that works perfectly.

Using tables for layout for your sake of cell phone compatibility just affirms you’re unwilling or not able to learn the appropriate approach. Everything that you can do in a table-based layout can be done in semantic markup for any browser from IE6 up wards.

Css is best to use with regard to styling, formatting, positionig, introducing, organizing and coordinating web elements on web sites.
But there is first exception, when site is set to liquid widt with %-s, with multicolumns. If columns widths are in %-s and content in first column is usually text, in second column content is image and the like, in that circumstance table layout is usually preferred method, stand performs better as soon as stretching.
Second exception is when there is tabular data, having columns and rows, and there is connection between records in columns, preferred way for layout is kitchen table, but for design table cells is actually css.

CSS supports fresh layouts just and tables, if not better.

There are usually no instances wherever table layouts usually are necessary.


Sure that thats correct, I agree quite right with you.

From this quote, I arrive at conclusion you talk as a philosopher or the idea formed by speculation or debate.

Why anyone argue with my family, something like the following, or css as well as nothing .

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