DreamWeaver MX – graphical drop down menu.

Greetings all,
does DWMX have a very wizard/utility that lets you create a shift down menu I’d like it so that when the user clicks 1 button more switches /options appear beneath, and if so how do i use this I’d like to keep the food selection area tidy along with say only five option buttons after which show more hidden options should the user clicks a button which has more options.

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By simply default, no, not that i know of. Even so, there are websites extensions that might add a tool to accomplish this (such as a main from SouthLink.. er similar to that.. but it may not be free). You could possibly be better off thinking about something like online world. dynamicdrive. com for what a different.

At world wide web. liknow. com you’ll uncover AllWebMenus and a great deal of tools you might want for your site. There’s a LITE edition free.

Thank you guys… tried Dynamic drive out and is particularly very good.

Glad to get helped.. If you have an trouble with on the list of scripts, just present me a shout.

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