How would this be done?

MY PARTNER AND I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this particular, but here will go:

I will be wondering, how does one get the on the net quote thing for instance seen on world wide web. x2hosting. co. great britain and www. driliquid. com I think this would be a good accessory, but how is he or she made Is this with PHP/MySQL

It’s simple PHP with the looks of them, just comparing your budget for the preset prices into their database.

There are many scripts pre made that are capable of do things like that. Check out these kind of directorys…

http: //www. fatscripts. com/
http: //hotscripts. com/

It becomes best for you to learn php. You’ll have an easier time buying a technical job for those who have it on a person’s resume.

As an example: I know php along with mysql. I identified them up right after learning java and c. I sent applications for a job that uses asp and oracle. I got the position because I simply had previous expertise with other languages which have been powerful. This is the reason learning php in making a quote generator like this is a good idea.

I will be learning PHP. And how stated anything about me buying a technical job lol. Well, I’ll have slightly browse on line for any tutorials after which it I’ll have any go and notice where I acquire. Thanks people.

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