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hi i got wondering how a person put a songs player remote in your website. so you can actually pause and perform and stop the particular song and equipment.
I have a 20kb. mid music file that we want to applied

One technique…


src=" " – put filename in this article.
autostart=" " put true in order file to play when page lots, false if you would like the user for you to choose
loop=" " put true in order sound to never-ending loop once finished, false to play just the one particular (unless user ticks play again)

desire this helps

I thought he meant as a remote where individuals could choose which file to experience…. I used to have a type of things that bfsog appeared to be describing. It got old inside a hurry though.

I’d just add an swf when using the music and the particular buttons. Probably your easiet way, and I’m unsure how else you would do it.
editAh, I suddenly recognise what was mentioned inside the posts above. That’s one way, but it’s somewhat tacky. Looks bad. I’ve never utilized that myself, but it doesn’t make for just a smooth, professional wanting site.

MY PARTNER AND I done some searching around and observed this example.
That uses two links, play and stop. Unfortunately, if the person clicks stop, and then clicks play, it starts actively playing from the addition of the file.

Please note, i didnt make this, i just zipped the idea up so you can have a copy, managed to get it from http: //www. javascripter. net/faq/sound/play. htm

The actual bgsound src=" jslience. mid" is simply a file to fix the main archive playing, you dont need a midi track called jsilence. mid

Desire this helps.

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