css browser compatibility

i’m having difficulty my css web pages….

my html pages show up fine in IE, but hd seem to reference/link towards the stylesheet when opened up in Netscape or even Firefox.

any obvious tips i would be missing—-differences involving IE and Netscape and Firefox which i need to signal my css or perhaps html differently to get my pages to use the styles


May well help if you can actually provide a reference on the page(s) you’re referring to.

i could paste the entire page of code for the css and html code pages, other as compared with that, i are deprived of any site or perhaps pages online…. their all on the computer.

Upload the seperate files as a possible attachment on some sort of post here, it is going to be extremely difficult that will help you with your trouble otherwise.

ah-ha! ultimately found an " attach" control key!

please review this sample html page with our css page. i haven’t written inside the navigation yet, and get been toying with javascript for getting both the text message and images to resize based on browser size….

thanks for ones comments in improve,

ps: the stylesheet thought about to save as txt

I’m sorry, I should have got probably explained hanging files in more detail, didn’t think; as for a person’s CSS problem it truly is pretty obvious having looked over your two data files.

When utilizing external style bedding, you cannot utilize any html in it period. Consequently not encasing your current CSS in < style> < /style> tags, aquiring a doctype doesn’t precisely help either.

(I’ve included the corrected variants; you can compare it in your original to find where you went wrong. )

< connection rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css"
href=" D: /Documents and Settings/Owner/My Documents/My Webs/solversfinal8/solvers2. css" /> 

From as part of your html file you might be currently using a total path to the external style linen; this isn’t necessarily the wrong thing when youre building a site off-line. However it becomes better to use a relative path as this would be better for after you plan to upload them to somewhat of a server.

< connection rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css"
href=" solvers2. css" media=" screen" /> 

This will work fine provided that your CSS archive is kept inside same folder as all your other html records. Hope this has solved your troubles.

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