Editable Regions in Dreamweaver CS3 ???

Please excuse portions of this post its gonna be a bit of a rant as well as I also apologise in case your question on dreamweaver is inapproiate just for this forum…. Ok I feel currently undertaking a project for the web design course and We were having a 1-to-1 session with the tutor to do feedback and help on the website. He took a glance at my page as well as just started messing with regards to with my web page without even explaining to my opinion what he was doing, he said in which he was determining editable regions inside my site to the page content, now I am aware what editable districts are, and he type of showed us how to accomplish this with a fundamental page. He taught all of us to slice ” up ” our inital design in Photoshop as well as save them because GIF files and put them right into a root folder.

He placed them right into a dreamweaver layout table/cell preserve the page being a template and was able to put wording straight unto my own imported slices out of Photoshop. He extra links and images……… Now I’m genuinely sorry if that sounds confusing, please try to imagine how MY SPOUSE AND I felt when they just whizzed through this with virtually no clear explanation or maybe instruction….. I mean which kind of a teacher is I am so frustrated currently because I’ve adopted his instructions in addition to his notes (as much We can remember) and Relating to tried to make an editable region nevertheless it just doesn’t help make sense because their a GIF…… I do believe I’m missing a critical step in Photoshop or I’m not doing something suitable in DW,…………………… Please if anyone will help me I offers you one of my vital organs because that is seriously stressing me out and its the last thing I have to do before I might progress further…

Say thanks to U

Damn, this is exactly why DW gets dismissed upon by good developers. Your teacher will be showing you all the wrong ways to build a site. I still cannot determine why people slice up an important image in PS as well as place the chuncks and pieces inside table cells. The idea drives me loco! Real designers don’t exercise that way (not anymore) and teachers really should not be teaching it. I feel for you person.

We were going to reply this question because I create a savings fund template feature inside DW and editable locations and all of which, but not with table cells and gifs and other things.

Really the only thing I can show you is:
It is possible to insert an editable district in code view, which is ideal when you know exactly where by that region begins. You can highlight the conclusion of the editable region and drag it where you choose that region to finish (still in program code view). If your while in the code, then maybe you will possess a better concept of where to squeeze region, in ones case.

In addition, I find it best to design the shell of this site (header, nav, footer), then just make the center of the internet page an editable spot. Then on the other pages, you can place whatever you would like in the area you created yourself, big or even small. I don’t really see reasons for a bunch of editable regions. The idea just makes issues more confusing.

I hope this assists you and for those who have any more inquiries, feel free. Relating to learned so much with this site I feel it’s priceless to hang around here to understand, no matter precisely what level your on.

Thanks alot to your reply, its the classic case from the colleage tutor along with the frighten student……. I don’t need to smash on my own lecturer to much but its simply just that he makes you experience a bit small whenever you ask for assist so now I am too frightened to inquire about it. I think that is why forums like this kind of are so handy and actually essential if anyone is like me.

He said this design was definitely simple so there was a lot slice up the different elements…

First of am I doing a thing fundamentally wrong just placing a big GIF in some sort of DW table and trying to use that because foundation of this site….. He taught us to explode with the layouts in Photoshop or even Illustrator, slice these individuals up then place them in DW kitchen tables and cells…… I saw my design inside Illustrator imported them into Photoshop, but because I aimed at just the core elements with the page, header, foundation, logo it did not need any complicated slicing up, I about just selected everything together big slice…. He said I really could just use text for that links…..

Second should I return to Photoshop and slice up the person sections of the positioning then create the editable regions………………. Also are going to I have tried to generate an editable region within the GIF, so all DW has done is create a good editable region surrounding the GIF and within the table that secures the big GIF…..

Its within the GIF where I actually want to place the back links and images with the site…… Please somebody benefit the pain.

Please view the message attachment below to discover what I’m speaking about concerning my web-site design, I hope its gives a bit more of a better idea of my problem…….. All I’m trying to do is for getting the site too look like the attachment, with text links and the middle window as a possible editable region

Gives thanks again

Initially, never, ever be fearful to ask your teacher that will help you. It’s their job to show and help you learn. Don’t just say " ok" if you can not understand what they have teaching you, keep asking questions until one does understand. I’m sure you will find other students within the same boat and I’ve found that every few people raise and start placing the teacher to help task, everyone feels handy and relieved… and also unafraid.

Throw us a few code and we’ll see what’s going on.

Can’t understand or know that teachers teach like that anymore. Building web site inside tables will be clumsy and unbelievably awkard way.

It is best to create your web page with divs, then create photoshop image that you slice, add those pics you could have sliced as background property of div plus set div thickness and height to fit the sliced impression.

Personally i think for you, I’d horrible teachers inside university of technology too, was not uncommon that we had to show them

Thanks with the advise, I know your current right and me and most of the other students get together after class often and murmur such things as " Did ough get that" or " Did u determine what he meant
Its a brief course which is available for free to the degree students, so what ultimately ends up happening is that a lot of the students treat it as a bolt on and an amount of a cool distraction to be able to theiractual degree’s. Its also open to external students who seem to pay a cost (which I did), so u kinda turn out suffering regarding quality of coaching………. Anyway I seemed to be thing about wheather it turned out really wise that will put up DW signal because of the entire junk it produces I kinda describe it as hunt for diamonds in a new pile of bejesus lol. I can squeeze code up with the page tho cos I need the assistance.

Well you cannot really change the way you are learning in the middle of a class. For a second time, it’s up for you to ask until you realize.

Revise: I’ll be back, the boy is definitely up and hopes to find his easter baskets!

This method still involves setting heights towards your divs which isn’t recommended. Not to mention more slicing.

Give us the signal anyway, I’m interested to see type code FW or maybe PS puts away, and hopefully certainly one of us can assistance.

Hi could some please examine these contrasting constraints. The first collection is my teachers DW generated code as well as second is mine which i am struggling having…… I’m trying to do exactly the same thing as my own tutor, which should be to create define a good editable region throughout DW CS3 for the GIF’s I was told to peel up. I want to continue to add my links, word and images but its just not really working….. Could some i highly recommend you give another opinion on maybe precisely what my tutor done which i am not performing Someone with DW CS3 experience could well be great.

Teachers code

< body>
< dining room table width=" 800" border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" background=".. /background_home. gif" >
<! --DWLayoutTable-->
< tr>
< td width=" 72" height=" 124" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td width=" 486" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td width=" 169" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td width=" 73" > & nbsp; < /td>
< /tr>

< tr>
< td height=" 29" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td valign=" top" > < a new href=".. /index. html" > home< /a> < a new href=".. /blog. html" > < period class=" style1" > & nbsp; < /span> c< /a> < a new href=".. /candystore. html" > ollections< /a> & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; < a new href=".. /about. html" > about< /a> & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; < a new href=".. /contact. html" > contact< /a> & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; < a new href=".. /blog. html" > blog< /a> < /td>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td height=" 29" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< td> & nbsp; < /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td height=" 406" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td colspan=" 2" valign=" top" > <! -- TemplateBeginEditable name=" content" -->
< dining room table width=" 100%" border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" >
<! --DWLayoutTable-->
< tr>
< td width=" 220" height=" 80" valign=&qu

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