File access from the web site

I would like to load a file onto certainly one of my web webpages. The jpeg file is out of your site root folder, I mean you should go back on the root folder that will directory c: /somefile. jpg to load it insurance policy coverage root is in c; /…. /root

The classical method doesn’t work
for instance.. /.. /somefile. jpg
as well as absolute path like http: //www. somesite. com/somefile. jpg

Might anyone help me


Does/can the host access directories in the garden its root tree The very first thing to try could be to type in being full absolute path (like D: /somefile. jpg) along with see what of which does.

I doubt may well work though…

Without a doubt, a script engine can access files outside the fundamental tree of your webblog.

MY PARTNER AND I. e, if you have files you would like to include in a new script, or files you should protect outside URL-referance, you possibly can present access by script.

The actual server itself, is unable to present files outside the web-root, nevertheless your script can easily retrieve them, and ‘serve’ them for the server!

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