Xenon Project

We’re starting the latest project and we’re from the recruiting phase.
To be aware of what this job is, read that document first: www. adivohayon. com/Xenon
You should definitely read this!!!

We currently have people from all over the globe, including Israel, Uruguay along with the US.

If you ever read the insurance policy carefully, you probably realized that we won’t be paying you. You are going to, however, have the opportunity of working along with both experienced and also inexperienced web and also graphic designers, and experience utilizing a web-based Open-Source Undertaking.

The Xenon Project is not only a hobby. We’re looking certainly web and image design skills, those with motivation and devotion. You can always be experienced, or inexperienced. If you have motivation and devotion, the rest you will learn on the means.

Right after reading the Xenon Job Document stated over, if you’re interested respond to this topic as well as send me an email to adiv. rulezgmail. com.

Thanks a ton,

Adiv Ohayon
Creator of Xenon Venture.

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