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Hey guys My business is new to that forum. I made an affiliate site for my business brand new ago and something isn’t convincing me concerning this. I basicaly want this url for information about the services we provide. I have plans on adding more later on. I would like some critique on my first internet site and please well then , i’ll know what Allow me to do to enhance it. Thanks

Here’s the site: > > Push Here< <

A big green and dark-colored for my taste… and the constant flicking belonging to the home page swf can get annoying.

I do think you have the correct idea, but since it’s a site for specialized medical information/services more of any ‘hospital’ look may be better than your ‘fluorescant nightclubish’ glance.

I sort of expected Mr. Melts away (Springfield Nuclear Electrical power Plant)
for you to pop in in addition to greet me. These have that sort with green, radiation plasma
form thing going. I realize J. Dot….. a bit more pastel
and sanitary look can be better.

And also I totally detest frames (my personal opinion).
Parallel your " full" meta tags, the particular search robots will
receive lost. Ranking could suffer.

I do think you have opinions on layout and also content, you
simply need to learn CSS and have with the software.

I would generate your nav the same on all a person’s pages. If My organization is on the " About" page and want to get at the " Services" site, it takes not one but two clicks, but these are on the same level, so the item should only have one. Consistency=

As well, the beveled links are, well, kitchy.

My own last comment… when my window is actually stretched out, the good news is lot of white wine space. It is really a completely different layout than if the window is sized for the content.

I’d personally spend some additional time formatting the composed content, the using a sans-serif font, bigger margins also side and colouring text hyperlinks as outlined by the other sites scheme.

The navigation buttons look corny in addition to slapped on as if you ever downloaded them from some of those free Flash aid sites.

Thanks guys for all the help. Do you already know of any good tutorials out there so I can certainly practice CSS. I have the very really basics down pact. Please let me know.

Hence make the background white, change the nav club and tone down the bright greens right I would prefer to make a layout mine appears so plain when compared to sites you individuals make.

The florescent green can be a bit jarring/overwhelming, not that it’s a bad color just used alot.

I’d personally place the banner with address box about the right under the links plus the BioTech Clinical field with picture in the woman on your left.

Fine start, though. Expectation that helps.


okay here goes. In changed your website around… I still need to add more to it because it looks really plain. One big problem and i know I messed up bad; I opened the FTP folder and that is where i got the old web site layout. I went onward and deleted all of the old files and copy pasted the revolutionary site files. All of the aligment messed up(all centered) and sometimes your house dosnt work. Could anyone help me personally!! Thanks

Actually, I don’t remember what the old site looked like. This one appears to be really plain. The good news is lot of white space on either side which is utilized for direction-finding to minimize this vertical scroll (especially in the services page! ). As well, the text is incredibly large, every where.

In reference into the centering issue, it seems like home and contact is also the same, and services will be the one that’s away from.

As a final point, I don’t love the green, although that’s just my personal preference. The particular navy looks good though.

I think you need to add more colour. Its way also plain for my liking. I think you need to add some foundation colour, maybe a side bar having a blue background, just to make it a bit more aestetically pleasing!

ok guys here goes Critique all you have to Remember this is definitely my first web page and my ideas aren’t really flowing at this point.

Your website was looking truly plain like an individual guys said therefore I changed a few things around please okay know what you think. Also give us suggestions…

Old Index…

and here’s the change (still not done) Personally i think like it requires more! What else can I enhance the main page

Modified Index

These are additional things I will enhance the site.
(we give it free.. hence no ecommerce)
-Basicaly an index of supplies we present our accounts and with checkboxes just for them to pick what they want.. I would much like the form to be emailed in my experience when finished. I still have to figure this one particular out. Are there any tutorials which could help me for this

Between the 2 you most recently posted, I could actually say MY PARTNER AND I prefer the " Old Index" better.

Maybe a track record color behind of which main content family table would help arranged it off (could use one of many purples in the logo, or some sort of color that comments it).

I would agree so that you can change the font via TimesNewRoman to something easier to please read on webpages (like Verdana, Arial, Georgia, etc).

WHEN I disagree, the second one particular you’re working on can be more dynamic and interesting approach older version. The spacing still must be worked out, but there’s more taking. It’s a better using screen space, especially the side box.

To complete a form that may return an e-mail, you’ll have to read a little server-side scripting. PHP and ASP would be the most common languages, and most nodes support one or the other. Check out the coding section while in the forum.

thanks with the help guys… Well for reasons uknown I wasnt to very pleased of the other array so I thought we would change it around a little bit. So I obtained the logo and colors that select my letter leads and requsitions here in the lab and used them on the site. It was a headache give to get almost everything right so let us discuss my questions…
Web site: > > Click Here< <

1) Would CSS allow it to become easier for me to solve things on my own site without experiencing each page to generate changes If so where could I come across tutorials on this

2)For some reason i will be having

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