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I can’t receive the home page connected with
http: //www. efraindejesus. com
to take a look the same around different browsers and the same on DESKTOP and mac. The matter is mainly together with table alignment. I would like the image on the left to align considering the text. Also, the width with the right cell where the text is improvements from browser to be able to browser. and the type is in several sizes. I designed it using a mac and it seems like s**t on desktop. Help!

here you are at the world regarding webdesign….
i’m merely a beginner as properly, but here’s just what i’ve gleaned to date,
as it reaches right down in order to it, you can’t really have just one design which would work on just about all browsers and systems.
you can look at your best, setting all sizes because ems or PER CENT, and by making certain to specify all parameters because default valuations will differ between browsers and systems.
the best way i know to address the challenge is to use css with code and javascript.
your web blog is very very simple….. i’d suggest developing it using css and divs besides just html and also tables. that way it is possible to create a distinguish stylesheet for various browsers and towers, accounting for the particular slight variation around code interpretation…. and start using a simple javascript for you to detect the user’s settings and make use of the appropriate stylesheet.

look at " w3schools" once for all tutorials on css. it will create your life much easier and allow to make easy updates sitewide later on.

yes I will be starting to visit grips with this technical agonies of the trade… I did try to use CSS, I guess i didn’t apply it enough. what is div I am going to check the tutorial… thanks you a lot for your aid.

a div may be a division of this page….. similar idea to some td (table cell). divs usually are defined by stylesheets. tables are defined inside the html only. tables will also be inserted within a div. but divs tend to be more powerful because you have available an internal or maybe external stylesheet to define of their characteristics.

to help you to have 1 html page that is viewed with various external css stylesheets. intended for my first site i made SOME stylesheets for IE plus netscape for 800×600 and also 1024×760 screen styles. the stylesheets fluctuate only slightly from the dimensions of many divs to adjust with the different browsers and screens. it was very easy to modify the particular css and keeps download time and file size to a minimum since you aren’t creating SOME different lengthy html document files. the html document is short, simple, and clean.

all the best ., definitely go with the tutorials.

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