Site Redesign (again ;))

Properly I’ve started on the completely different change for FMD Studios (I’ve got a bit on my hands), but a pal showed me that this design that I’ve truly mocked up looks a bit more like www. ceruleanstudios. com. Does the look look ‘copied’ from their site, because if it does I really is going to change it.

If it can be ok I’d appreciate a little critique (yes, I realize the CSS will be explorer-fied, but merely develop the design it’ll be x-browser I assure )

Also would using the cube breaching copyright (it’s a rubik’s iirc)

Update: The redesign can be found here – online world. fmdstudios. com/Redesigns/index. html

Where could be the redesign

It’s an improvement on what you’ve before I imagine.
However I do like your outdated design and think it would be good if you do have a nice professional looking banner on them. IT would increase a completley different feel to the site and it would be for the much better. If you cannot developed a new banner then I might consider a full redesign.

I don’t even think it’s copied out of that site too much, or it will not look it. But to get quite honest, I’m not really a big fan of this site much anyway We’d also consider the entire reredesign

Right, It looks better than before, definately, but you have gone a little bit overboard on this simplicity.

I think you need some other colours in there and also use the suggestions Dan put over, as well while making your nav understandale, instead of whitened on grey.

The site could use a small amount of depth, it looks very flat at this point. The diagonal collections look jagged and also have a white matte. Making the banner more closely graphical would ensure it is more pleasing to the eye.

Thanks for your feedback as often guys. In the finish I dumped this kind of design, it appeared to hit a dead end for me also it seemed a bit too graphic heavy for that small effect regarding my liking.

Redesign #3 coming over for screens near anyone soon.

Very good choice.

To be honest, your current design (as some others have said) has adequate potential. The logo incorporates a cool retro think to it, and the internet site design would benefit very much if you may possibly capture that vintage feel throughout the rest of the site.

your design isn’t too bad, but your picture edges tend not to flow together. you have parts sticking out everywhere we look. you also should change the font with your website as it truly is too large.

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