Help!.. A real dilema concerning pricing for a website…

Hello people.
I’m in a very real hot situation today and really would like some answers as well as some general guidelines and advice…

Baaaasically My organization is starting a freelance career in 3D animation and Visual Influences. I’ve been focusing on a showreel and decided to secure a website up that to have the actual showreel on.
I designed the look of the website myself in Photoshop as well as set out the navigation and stuff like that… However Web Style and design really isn’t this forte’ so I decided it will be best to get this individual to actually build the positioning in CSS plus HTML. So I fundamentally provided him with all my instructions and snap shots of what I need to it to appear to be and said ‘make this kind of! ‘: rambo:.
It is a really simple website… Here are some pictures in the main pages…
http: //i94. photobucket. com/albums/l108/legmog/HomePage. jpg

http: //i94. photobucket. com/albums/l108/legmog/Show-ReelPage-1. jpg

And often see I went to get a really simple easy design… Nothing too amazing and really exclusively 4 pages (a few more for the extra options to evaluate the video + a strong image gallery) so not many.

So anyhows my mate is a student and for the past 6 or so months continues to be working on this site in his spare time… I told him there was clearly no hurry as I had to make my personal showreel and wouldn’t need coursesmart till that is usually complete.
However my buddy rang me up today and said that for your website he might charge about 450 – 500!!! (Yeah I live in britain so it’s fat not dollars)

I really wasn’t expecting your pet to charge much for it… Afterall he’s just a student, the site is very small and uncomplicated not requiring any fancy code (only CSS as well as HTML really)… Nor did I require the site by any rigorous deadline, and I designed the complete graphical look connected with it myself giving him with lots and much instructions… 450-500 cost structure seems extremely steep for this type of task…

So I feel really not sure what to do now…. I told your ex boyfriend I would check out my finances. I recognize for sure there is no way I will be able such a value without digging in some saving create funding for or something (I’ve simply just stopped as a student myself). But that aside an entire price range he said seems MANNER off target if you ask me…
As Web designers, what seems as being a reasonable price to you And what complete oyu suggest MY PARTNER AND I do
Will enjoy hearing your responces.

That does seem type of high to me… for a relatively simple site.
I guess he may be assuming you want how to upload and manage each one of the
photos and video tutorials with an admin page (online) That takes much more time and
PHP experience to do. I would post exactly the same thread on the component to this forum
where you may hire a freelancer. I’m going to bet someone may easily beat which price.

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/request_a_service_183/


Really that’s high. I have found than a simple Five page static website deserves about $400-$500. But that’s by using me doing each of the graphics and format. On the alternative hand, I really had a buyer design their web site in PS in addition to send me the pieces to layout and organize, then there have been changes to coloration here and there and more changes to this which. In the conclusion, I think I spent additional time doing it doing this than if Used to do it all me. So the fact that you will be supplying the graphics doesn’t make much of difference with price, at least using my one experience doing work that way. Major time is spent over a site just getting the layout to function and behave the way in which it has to be.

With all clearly, it still shouldn’t go extra that $450 to $500 (US currency).

Exactly what showreel anyway

Query…. since u r doing a 3d modeling as well as visual effects… shouldn’t your internet site actually have several visual effects Anything a lil a lot more exciting then the white background.

I accept you all for the reason that 400-500 dollars for any 4 page website that was already designed (forget about how exactly simple it is) will be ridiculous. We charge 400-500 dollars for premium custom designed internet websites. I would say " friend" you don’t have that kind connected with money and visit elsewhere. But I do trust the last statement I don’t believe that your website is going to sell clients to desire to use you. I think that you can spend that 400-500 dollars to get a professional to exercise and you save money by doing the 3d cartoon and flash component to the website. I do agree that in case you are going to often be doing 3d animation then always be putting some examples on your website. We have the 3d animator along with 3d modeler so would you like any help i highly recommend you just contact me. My email is actually adagostinoblackrhinosolutions. com.

My advice could be to ditch the design and ditch your own friend Hope that will helped.

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