Trying to make a website that I can update on the fly..

I’ve seen plenty of sites like this kind of, they seem to your workplace almost like forums. I’ve even utilised one, but I’d like to know how I could make one enjoy it. A very good example of what I’m referring to is a guild-portal site (like brussels. ) Or internet. ctrlaltdel-online. com

At any rate, can someone provide me a palm

For this you will need a content administration system (CMS)
It might be hard inless there is a lot of experience for making one yourself, however benefits free CMSs available which would enable you to customize design wise and will help you to update and run your website online, quickly and easily. An example of this is something like SmartSite CMS, that was written by Mossoi, who is a member of the forums.
Consider http: //smartsitecms. net and take a glance, or just look into a site just like Source forge and also something, there are hundreds around. Certain to be one that will fit your demands. Most are not hard to customize.

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