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Hi there all,
I’ve been asked to make a webpage that will display jpeg images from a certain way. Say some image size, some pics across, five pics down, that method of gallery. Since these images is going to be pulled up from the folder on the webserver that a member of staff takes care of the pics only should be resized for the display on the webpage, not truly resized themselves. Exist any ‘How-to’s’ and also examples, can that be coded throughout HTML, VBScript or Java What about any feeware plug-ins or even applications Any advice greatly appreciated,


This should involve a server-side language such as PHP or Perl.

These programs will reside on the web host’s server and would want to
be installed and designed by you. There are plenty of " gallery" type programs scripts on the market… prices vary.

The part in relation to re-sizing complicates things a bit. Not all internet hosts allow users to apply the photo resizing modules they will or may not have access to installed on his or her servers. This means, you would need to have the correct measurement images uploaded in the first place.

If your company owns their particular server, your MY SPOUSE AND I. T. team would need to get involved in organising server side modules for you to use in the particular re-sizing on-the-fly selections.

All of this is somewhat state-of-the-art… you are planning to need to specify whether you might be using an outside host, or using an internal server in your company (like the intranet).

Kind regards Mlseim,
we’ve got the webserver here, its a Home windows 2003 Server. Will PHP work on a windows centered server I thought it was before a linux established tool, but im not entirely certain.
In any case, i’ll search around for every scripts that may perhaps assist me in such a project.
With thanks again,

We have a free program that could do excactly what you long for check it released at http: //jalbum. net/

Wish this helps

That has a Windows Server (non-UNIX), when you find yourself looking for ASP (. asp) software. PHP is solely on UNIX servers I think it is, for the reason that it’s an offshoot regarding Perl. Someone will correct me for this if I’m wrong.

PHP runs perfectly on windows hosts, but you can get some differences as soon as you get into a number of the more advanced characteristics, between linux as well as windows based php.

I’d also seek out MYSQL, another freeware arrangement that runs justfine less than windows.

— Chris

— Chris

Bingo, I run a new Win2k3 server in your house for development as well as run Apache2, PHP and mySQL on the idea.

Most Windows Servers you’ll find through a internet site company *will* own PHP installed upon them. As long as yours was in the majority, when you find yourself good to run one of the best gallery script about.. Gallery (http: //gallery. sourceforge. net/).. lol. That’s simply the best amazing package We’ve ever used and I am aware for a reality it works at Windows; -)

Thank-you guys, that leaves my family with plenty to get getting on along with…

Ditto to the next, I have simply done a gallery & it is soooo simple to be able to configue & continue updated!

Obtains my vote,


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