Want to learn.

I would like to learn how to help to make websites, Design is just not too bad. I know simple concepts (most advisors are common perception anyway). Basically my own problem is together with coding.

So just how do i learn My idea so far is to discover HTML more in-depth after which learn CSS. Once I know those two then i can get to know programs like dreamweaver greater. Are they almost every other languages i must know Am i going relating to this the wrong manner

No, that is certainly good. I’d declare: First learn HTML DOCUMENT. Then unlearn some by learning XHTML. In that case learn CSS. In that case make your very first homepage. Use the HTML DOCUMENT you’ve learnt and the CSS you’ve learnt. Then learn CSS format.

With layout goes graphic editing. Learn photoshop/fireworks or something similar to that. By time I’m quite sure you realize what to discover yourself (I’d point out server-script, and in that case javascript, and then flash after which… )

Make sure you learn HTML and CSS beyond doubt.

You’ll then learn that after all of this, your web pages
are going to be " static" web sites. In order to own forms, galleries, image
uploading, databases, and " dynamic" web sites that display on-the-fly,
you will learn a server-side language like PHP or Perl.

Javascript can be a " client-side" language and is not used for the
stuff described above… although Javascript will work for many things.

Consentrate on CSS and then get right into some tutorials about either PHP or perhaps
Perl. Now i’m partial to Perl, but either tend to be totally necessary if you
intend on making forms or maybe galleries.

I cant think i would want to make forums, but i would prefer dynamic pages and other such stuff. PHP or Perl then.

Not lots of point making forums — there are actually sufficient numbers regarding folks who’ve completed it already within the open source realm (eg. phpBB2, Simplemachines) this you’d do better to integrate these individuals into your websites… that is, obviously, unless you would like to become an Open Source developer whereby go for them; -)


Isnt it better to take a online database with the website as a front end Put simply all information is stored in the database which are often updated by the users and web developers etc etc then the website exhibits that information Is the fact that PHP

Hi again,

indeed, that’s what dynamic content is all about. Just let me explain that there are more than PHP avaliable. I’d personally vote for ASP. Net sale. It has a massive userbase, and if you, say learn the particular language C# (just including in PHP the actual language is known as PHP) for ASP. Net sale, then you’ll also be capable to program real products. Hence you can say which you both learn becoming a web developer and a programmer.

It is a great book over it where you learn how to build a vibrant website. (I’m reading it at the moment and it’s great! )
http: //www. sitepoint. com/books/aspnet1/

You may learn database powered content management, sign in, web services, xml etc in that book…

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