help plz

effectively i wanna create a site for our clan, but i am not very good at web designing. so i used to be wondering if anyone could get me these pieces of software or create 1 similar

http: //scripts. lostminions. org/

Good " getting" those scripts would be STEALING. Creating them would depend on what they, as that page won’t list what they certainly.

What are these style of clans I exclusively think KKK, when i here clan!: vintage:

Gaming clans.

good, yeah its for any starcraft gaming family. i need an affordable login >. < with there unique profile so could someone plz code it for me!!

heres even more examples,
there not yet but are many similar:
http: //www. overdosed. net/
http: //www. clan-aftershock. net/index. php
http: //www. exiledlegends. com/
http: //clanwod. kl4n. com/
http: //clan-aod. net/page. phpview=Home
http: //www. clan-af. net/index2. php
http: //www. ghostalphas. com/index. php.

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