hello every one..

i’ve entred a web site challenge between not one but two colleges. thier website design level is very high specially they studies webdesign lessons..

i’m a networking person and keeping website development as my 1st hobby. i am looking for advises and excelent net designs!

the purpose of this challenge is usually to produce a hip design.. yahoo or google designs will not be accepted at all and can fail in that challenge. so what we want during this challenge is coolness greater than a practical site.

please post excelent website development.. excelent! the best website development you have previously saw.. and you should please advice my family.

recommendations an old style and design.. do you advice me to keep working on it
http: //www. freewebs. com/eech55

or you advice me begin a new one because you has a negative starting design base.

and please please dont claim " good design" in order to make me pleased now.. please say the reality.. i know i’m not a great designer.. but i could be by a person’s adviese since i’ve good flash, photoshop, dreamweaver, php, mysql.. or anything else skills!

again pelase.. direct me on the right path.. just put yourself in my location.. i cant sleeping the night: tired: i am always considering this challenge and i need to be the clear winnger!!

waiting for your advices

Not sure about new great designs…. but dont use you you posted…

Of which design isn’t far too bad, just a bit small on the particular text size, but please take a look at it in a browser for instance Firefox or Opera.

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