Help! Should my Table be at 100%?

I built an online site and I really want my 3 colors to extend beyond the monitor size. I have also been told that my table needs to be at 100% but I still think of a white border all-around my page where the colors end. I dont that it.



If you’re familiar with CSS, try setting margins for any body to 0. That should do just as well.

not mean padding:

Absolutely no, margins…

margin: 0;


I am brand new in this – so I am not sure easily am talking related to cell padding, although I dot think I am. I will have a shot at the the margin setting. If you want take a peek it is: world wide web. haar-woods. com

End up being kind. I must fix alot involving things, this appeared to be my first hit. I feel the fact that html code is usually sloppy and needs to be cleaned up. There are much things that I do not know just yet. I am litterally learning within school as many of us speak.

Thanks for all you help!

nvm.. had not been thinking straight. It might be good to placed both margin along with padding to 0 however.

Within your source code, add this line in the style tags. Such as so:

< design type=" text/css" >
<! --
body margin: 0; foam: 0;
. style23
for example, etc, etc...
< /style> 

I replicated your source in addition to tried it released. That’s what considering.

-Edited… Incidentally, you’re background colors aren’t showing whatsoever in Firefox/PC. In the event you care…

We have not yet become to troubleshoot coursesmart in netscape as well as firefox. I am gonna work on that tonight. Thanks to the tip on your background. I will give it a try this evening. Well then , i’ll know if any one else has every suggestions. I already have a summary of fixes. Thanks once more to everyone!

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