Borders and Tables

We have seen websites where by borders surround the layer or your table, but that dividers are seperate… well then , i’ll make it clear.

Secure have one column of an table with your border, and one particular without

in addition to…

Secure create a boundary around a stratum itself…

I am very unfamiliar by using CSS, but, if that’s the only strategy to do it, feel free of showing me, though just try to stay away from it…: nervous:

Good, I suppose you can stick a table using its own border in the < td> in the event you wanted the appearance of this cell having some sort of border and nothing others, but what a lousy way of doing it.

Please, please, please take a peek here and try some of that because it happens to be not difficult to catch on. Familiarize yourself!

The simplest way is CSS. Somewhere between the head tags set this, for case in point:

< design type=" text/css" >
. boundary
border: 1px solid #000000;

< /style> 

And for every < td> that you like the border around you do it like this:

< td class=" border" >... < /td> 


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