How big is to big for a back ground image?

I used to be just wondering exactly what everyone though about sizes for foundation images. What is a good size for them and what exactly is to big Relating to all ways heard that as long at they are usually under a meg then they work effectively but I realize that a meg can be to big.

With regard to download size… under 40k if it is going to be an integral part of your design (e. gary the gadget guy. a frame or border on your site). But in the event that it’s just the ambient background image, I would visit as big since 200k. A megabites is ridiculous.

Aim to have the most basic background image likely.. if its up and down repeated eg get 800×1, if its orizontail tumble 1×100 and also try to use transarency and also table colors in making them smaller

ANY background image should not even be near 1Mb. The background picture should be no more than you can ensure it is. You can start using a gif format together with indexed colors that will control the size from the image.

PNGs tend to do better when compared with GIFs for great BG images. In the event it’s photographic, opt for a JPG.

Here’s an example of a site we all did with genuinely large BG shots (2400 px wide): http: //www. iaqalert. biz/

Here’s on the list of images: http: //www. iaqalert. biz/sites/all/themes/default/images/body-bg-inner-bottom. gif

As possible see, because we GIFFed the idea (as per Rad’s advice) and managed to get essentially a sound color, it’s just 14k, even though it’s really huge.

Here’s another site which has a large BG graphic: http: //www. 877suethem. com/

And here is the BG photo: http: //www. 877suethem. com/templates/team_injury/images/body_bg. gif

This specific image is gigantic, at 2800 times 1000px, but is only 10k because it’s just a 4-color GIF.

Should you have a website that could be more than 1000px high (eg should you allow the purchaser to fully resize the text to make it largest or perhaps if 1 particular page is rather long), is there the best way of having an image this way at the top with the background image after which it having – declare – a saying 2800px wide music group of grey below to mop in place any additional space Or have to size the image with the maximum page height
This is something Patient wondering about for some time now.

The truth is, to take that the step further, We have found almost absolutely no non-photographic images that are actually smaller throughout GIF than with PNG. It’s worth it to take into account that PNGs come in two flavors: PNG-8 in addition to PNG-24. PNG-24 is a stylish sibling, letting you achieve cool things like alpha transparency and providing you the best fidelity. PNG-8, however, is definitely indexed format incredibly similar GIF. It seriously isn’t lossless, being the indexed format, nonetheless it does achieve smaller sizes. In true of that special example, the 4-color GIF is usually 10K, while the 4-color PNG-8 image is 7K.

In the point where we could counting 3K distinction on today’s relationship speeds, we’re essentially splitting hairs, mind you. But I am just a fan with uniformity, and so I realize that using PNGs for everything computes nicely. PNG-8 for equipment that does all right with indexed colorations, PNG-24 for anything that they are lossless, or in which needs alpha transparency. PNG-8 even has support for any same on/off transparency which GIF supports, which particular aspect is usually handled correctly by way of IE6 from the government financial aid the day.

In other words, I’ve pretty considerably tossed GIF from the wayside at this time. If you want animated GIFs, it’s still ideal, as PNG’s cartoon solutions are almost all very poorly recognized and often certainly not particularly good. Nonetheless for straight photographs, it’s PNG, as well as for photographic ones, JPEG.

Is it a tiled photo, or one massive background image (I normally don’t recommend your latter, for a variety of reasons. ).

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