How do I turn an Awesome Illustrator design into a Dreamweaver Home page?

I’m a newbie in addition to I’m stuck.: expended:

I designed an incredible homepage in Illustrator CS2, incuding nav bar, buttons, etc. and I’ve Dreamweaver CS3. Learn how to turn my image right web page, (I tested out the ‘save with regard to web’ box in addition to export CSS tiers, but that doesn’t keep all of the blending modes WHEN I used (multiply, tough light, etc. ))
WE also want that nav bar control keys to ‘depress’ any time clicked, I know You want to re draw them with the ‘pressed’ look.
I’ve used the piece tool on this image, but learn how to get Dreamweaver make use of those slices I’m undecided if I must use CSS just for this or not.

It will likely be very difficult, from the limited knowledge, that you create a complete website. You need to first learn html document and css. Try making something simple first. There is tons to know

I guess POST left the part out we do knowa little about CSS in addition to HTML, and I have done something uncomplicated already….
but I designed to say, I don’t need a complete site (in relation towards the question) Just the easiest workflow for Dreamweaver to be able to import my image of an complete home article.
I stumbled through and located slicing my image up in illustrator, clicked " save for web" (with html), put many of the pieces in that image folder, then cut and pasted that html file word output by Illustrator into the HTML Code with Dreamweaver, but thought maybe there’s a less severe way.

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