hi there all, i know someone must know the trick using this type of,

i’ve placed a over the top on my discussion board & wondered how i could get it to change towards correct size once the resolution/screen size will be changed,

possibly there is some coding for example,

thankyou very much for any aid

use percentages rather than fixed width. without seeing that code or exactly what the page seems as if, i can’t say considerably more

Your banner may perhaps be a. gif image

The image size is literally fixed. You can facility the image in the table cell (or you could be using css). Make the background exactly the same color as the color in the graphic. It will like appear that the actual image is switching size, when in fact, it’s only that background changing size.

This table size (width=90%) will actually stretch to help always display in
90% on the browser window… this image remains focused.

Karinne is definitely right… we need to visit a link for a webpage to definitely help.

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