netscape 6.1 background-image problems

Hi y’all. Ive been trying to figure this out but have appear short, so I thought I’d personally throw it out into the community.
My business is having a problem displaying some pages in netscape SIX. 1 browser. With some pages, where I have a background-image=" somepic. jpg" throughout my. css track, the image shows throughout my page. While this is actually all well along with good, I don’t want the photograph displayed in the table making the text difficult that will read, so WHEN I assigned a bgcolor=" ffffff" for my table. Occasionally the page parses good, but when I head to the secure document page, the bgcolor attribute would not get parsed. If i click on another page (non-secure) the challenge persists. However, if i go to any 3rd page, the page displays properly. I’m not coding anything different within the pages that obtain parsed correctly and the ones that dont. This particular only happens within netscape 6. 1 (the oldest version of netscape I have loaded) but works fine in all other browsers. Has anyone in addition experienced this Of course , if so, is generally there a fix. I do think its a netscape web browser bug but have not found any insurance coverage to verify this. Thanks.

I dont think make sure you worry to much over it. Not many individuals use netscape now days, so the audience that could view your internet site with netscape I believe is very modest.

I dont know much about Netscape along with its rendering issues so I cant really assist you with your difficulty. Sorry!

amazing… that’s gotta possibly be the worst tips ever! if people code you website properly it must work in any kind of browser!

okay… Big_Jim… do you could have this online somewhere you can check

i’m not sure if this is how you actually wrote within your css but background-image=" somepic. jpg" must be background-image" somepic. jpg";

and you also bgcolor=" ffffff" must be bgcolor=" ffffff" and in many cases then you might replace that with css with the addition of style=" background-color: #fff; " back table tag.

although like i reported… i link would likely help

REVISE: also… one more thing that you can do is put your own pages throught this validator

Thanks with the quick response Karinne. I became typing fast and also was at wits end relating to this problem. The real bgcolor and background-image format is correct upon my page, simply not in my post. (Guess WHEN I should proofread alittle better before I strike submit. ) The particular pages do verify. I have subjected to testing this in some other versions of netscape they usually work fine in netscape 7. This wouldn’t really be a challenge since it affects a real small percentage in the market but this client is working netscape 6. A SINGLE
I’ll find some space to posting the code (don’t wish to take this are living yet till I obtain it all hashed out). For a second time, thanks for that quick response.

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