Is this overkill for so little content?

My personal daughter was bugging me to get a domain name, and so I registered you for her, and she has been trying to construct a simple website. I think she may have been using Dreamwaver tryout, not sure tho (She’s EIGHTEEN and lives together with her mother)

Anyways, I was contemplating the source for her pages, and it positive looks like tons of code to get such little subject matter (BTW, all I realize is some quite basic HTML)

Is there a less strenuous way for her to do this (Not so much the primary page, as it truly is the tables on the other pages)www. samanthaley. com

WE guess I have to add, this is an extremely basic site. Nothing fancy like the vast majority of others on below. She has never before even attempted any web development. I did tell her to test to make something using notepad along with manually typing to all the HTML rule, but do children ever listen This website serves absolutely no purpose aside from she wanted to create it, because most of her friends get sites (and your lady wanted her own website name lol)

I wish my parent baught my home a domain lol the coding seems to be find and MY PARTNER AND I dont think there is an easier way to perform it but but its late and also im tired so ill you’ll find the site again 2morrow

It isn’t really an overkill. If your child shows curiosity about computer technology, why don’t you support it Web development will be a good skill and paying out < 10 $ monthly for her to maintain her interest as well as learn makes perfect sense. Having you have website is something that should keep up that interest. Maybe you should point her to a few place where she can get hem (buy her an internet design book, to get example).

Web hosting yearly costs just one magazine subscription. If that will teach someone generate even very basic web pages, it’s DEFINATELY worthwhile.

It ended up being only $14. 95 with free basic hosting, so the idea wasn’t that awful

I meant overkill inside codeing. As MY PARTNER AND I said, I just simply know some essential HTML, and your woman did this by using dreamweaver, so your woman really isn’t learning much. That is why Manged to get the domain name for her, hopefully to help keep her interested plenty of. I guess WE should learn more closely myself, so I could kind of verify her work, like when she was little and I had to check the woman’s homework

Also, and the name and hosting is just about $0. 25 per day, although I would upgrade the hosting if required

I don’t even think it’s overkill. And the truth that she is utilizing Dreamweaver doesn’t mean nancy not learning something. Mastering dreamweaver great asset. The, HTML she will learn on the way.

If ur daughter would want to really like to get ahead I might recomend learning the way to hand code for instance u mentioned earlier Its incredibly easier to know what ur thinking about when u endeavor to debug certain problems and a few people may not really consider learning how you can code because they are convinced dreamweaver can practice it all for these, so with every one said I consider u should really try and encourage here to try and learn this material instead

The site is very nice for any beginner. A lot with beginners sometimes love to use many clipart graphics in their pages. I realize I did while i started learning HTML at the ripe old age group of 10. I’m not 17, and also have evolved into a very good designer, but man I possibly could use some perform. Anyway, very wonderful as I reported before, and you are aware of you can’t go wrong with hand-coding. I’ve never NOT hand-coded a site before in my 7 numerous years of designing. A good book to select up would perhaps be O’Reilly’s Web Design the bottom line is. It has all the basic web designing techniques and some good a blueprint sites. Good luck!

Ooh this background… not therefore friendly.

Nancy kind of any star freak lol. I informed her to maybe help make the backgrounds additional transparent, so hd stand out as often

i taught myself all we know… isnt much but it really works, this site taught me martial arts training www. draac. com.

you may help her by getting her a new book on dreamweaver in addition to basic design. i know they have helped loads of friends of my very own. also in first you can never have got to much code around codeing is how you figure things released.

Usability. Greyish-text on the purplish-greyish background will be hard to learn. Blue text on the blue-ish star background is hard to be able to read. If you need people to use your site you have provide them with every reason to accomplish so.

Any reason to not use your site is one more thing that will make the user think again regarding whether they want to face a site that they find unappealing, really can artwork or content material, or what maybe you have. Keep giving them reasons an extra chance. A good reason an extra chance would be that they can read online page without work.

Why don’t you consider a header, some kind of graphic with that stars if your lady likes them, then work with a plain colour background helping put text on. Or perhaps if she lightens this background way upward, to about 7-12% with it’s current richness.

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