it needs something extra, just cant think what

Hey there babe,

I’ve just started focusing on a new layout for my particular site, and We have my logo done, and now started focusing on the menu. I obtained this far, nonetheless I aint happy, and cant think about anything to include on the menu’s layout to create it look more appealing. There aint absolutely no text or anything at all yet, I’m asking a person guys pure within the layout for the actual menu, and at some point the header. Anything I could add to improve it really is appreciated.

Please check http: //www. dopes-planet. com/new/home. php

Many thanks.

Btw, please check this only out if yer applying IE, ‘cos it looks a lot more terrible in Mozilla or Opera must fix that someday, too

I would privately lighten the background to check out if which has a better effect over the internet. That way you can add a text-box which has a green border to obtain your body wording in too.

I viewed this specific in IE specially available for you! It is a little messed in Firefox, unsusual…

Change the font applied to your header, it looks nasty… with regard to it’s cleanly produced don’t add some sort of stroke around them. Centre it properly, or if you do want it counteract reduce the bill size and help it become look intentional.

Thanks on your replies, guys. I’ll see what I’ll do about that. Working on a fresh background now.

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