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To begin with, this was going in the form of reply to a new post by Novakin around my post requiring help for a small company web design, but I decided I need to the opinion of the masses. Novakin, thanks a lot.

I decided to have a look at JQuery, and I’ve a question. I understand it is similar to CSS in the actual sense that CSS could manipulate the types externally, as JQuery might manipulate the Is the fact a correct assessment

Having CSS, I have been teaching myself to be able to code in a great external style page, instead of in house or inline. In actual fact, I’ve been executing almost 100% of the styling from this external style page. Now, I have got a question…

Is this just how I want to learn JQuery, and is actually JQuery as PREVALANT and important as CSS with web designing now

WE haven’t started producing any javascript yet, but that was about to be my upcoming step. After examining Novakin’s comments, I feel just like I need to focus on JQuery next. Can i feel this method

Javascript is virtually as important as CSS in loads of web design today, yes (though its not all web design — you will discover still plenty regarding websites that provide themselves to static content without any JS-enhanced interactivity). jQuery for example is only you library that would make Javascript more palatable plus evens out a few differences between this ways some browsers handle different facets of the document.

For a matter of personal opinion, my chosen such libraries are jQuery and Prototype. Taking a look at jQuery as you do — a form of CSS for actions’, or perhaps, more accurately, for behavior — is very good. That is indeed the easiest way to look with it. And tips on how to develop Javascript via jQuery is indeed just as in CSS: keep the Javascript from your HTML.

Regarding 99. 999999% of the time, you should have the ability to keep your CODE completely clean involving explicit CSS and Javascript, and just have those in additional files. jQuery is one superior way to do this.

All nevertheless, many people believe that tips on how to learn Javascript should be to learn the *language* prior to learning a structural part (like jQuery). In person, I find which i learn fine in either direction — language first is actually often more tough, because you should find something related to the language. Framework first offers you clear examples in the language’s use, then you get wondering or need deeper understanding so you go hunting regarding it.

Level being, jQuery initial, straight Javascript primary, it’s up back. If you wished my personal suggestion, I think It’s safe to say jQuery first. Language first is best for purists, but learning jQuery first should forcibly teach you issues with the language anyhow.

Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply!! I’m likely to follow your advice and beging with JQuery, and also explore Prototype.

With thanks again, Shadowfiend!!


You might be quite welcome. Remember jQuery and Prototype offer unique approaches to very similar ends. I would suggest for you to pick one of the two and understand it thoroughly before researching the other a single. In my circumstance, I started having Prototype (because of its relation on the Rails framework) after which moved on in order to jQuery. I happened to prefer the latter. Learning both concurrently while also getting inexperienced at Javascript, on the other hand, is a recipke for confusion if you are not careful, so look out

Extending this particular discussion, if you wish the concept involving jQuery, you’ll LOVE.

Check this out. A fantastic friend & colleague of mine is approximately to release this web development platform considering the entire presentation level run in JavaScript (jQuery extensions) to the client machine, entirely using AJAX calls to a simple RESTful backend for getting data which it manipulates to the front end to given to the user. And so, what if anyone doesn’t have JavaScript made it possible for Well, then the The game of golf platform entirely renders the page within the server using a JavaScript emulator and presents static HTML towards client, with normal urls rather than Golf-AJAX (fragment) urls.

Remarkable stuff: You have got to see it in action to fully thankyou. Completely reinvents how we’ve got gotten used towards way the web works… allowing BLAZINGLY quick, infinitely expandable, powerful, fully-browser-compatible, SEO’ed, and easy to develop AJAX sites. Effectively, you could redundant what Facebook’s total team of developers does with a two-man team (1 custom, 1 developer) in 1/20th enough time. And when MY SPOUSE AND I say duplicate, Setting up not only efficiency, but expandability. Minimo Program, my friend’s corporation, is going to make available GolfStack hosting companies, through EC2, which will automatically expand instances to meet load demands.

http: //code. yahoo and google. com/p/golf/
http: //twitter. com/golfstack

At the risk of hijacking the actual thread, what difference (beyond the application of JS instead of Java) will there be between Golf and GWT So are there good testing tools

Brain you, using JS rather than Java is not just a small difference, I’m just looking for a feel to get things and viewing what all I don’t understand.

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