just out of curiosity

Is there methods to get a variety to post information into the same page that it’s on

I used to be thinking something like this. don’t understand why it is not working.

< html>
< head> < /head>
< body>
< php
$a = $_get ‘input’;
< variety action=" sample. php" method=" get" >
< enter type=" text" name=" input" size=" 10" >
< enter type=" submit" value=" display" >
< /form>
< php reveal ‘$a’ >
< /body>
< /html>

or maybe methods to get this details to post into the page without refreshing the page

You ought to be using $_POST as opposed to $_GET (and they are as shown… you had it typed wrong).
Without specifying " action", it will eventually assume the identical file (or script) because itself.


< html>
< head> < /head>
< body>
< php
< form  method="post">
< input  type="text"  name="input"  size="10">
< input  type="submit"  value="display">
< /form>
< php  echo  '$a'  >
< /body>
< /html>

acceptable well, maybe you can help me together with my final goal… i need to make an application that will allow people to create their own internet business cards. sort connected with like
http: //www. vistaprint. com/vp/ns/studio3. aspxpf_id=064& combo_id=4298& gallery_id=64& category_id=11& referer=http%3a%2f%2fwww. vistaprint. com%2fvp%2fns%2fdefault. aspx%3fGP%3d2%252f5%252f2009%2b9%253a51%253a04%2bAM& rd=2

but with the ability to create a pic that anyone just browsed with regard to on their machine and put it to use for a bg, or maybe logo

Good, that’s going becoming a bit more serious.

I would approach this with the use of PHP GD library to really make a
graphic image from a variety of the text and also a background.

The actual question is why There are actually already so a lot of free online sites
to create business cards… why is yours gonna be any better

Are you doing this for any particular reason, or only for " that fun of it".

little of column A little of column B… I want for making my own so it provides all the options i need it to. and I’m building it for any site called http: //www. phantomcards. com/

side note: your banner in the top… purple with green, not a fantastic look IMHO.

yes… I’m rebuilding because of this… the new site’s about to look like this
world wide web. phantomcards. com/newsite

Oh yea and disclaimer… Used to do NOT build the one with the environment friendly banner

Getting back to this thread, because the post didn’t apparently end anywhere…

I think it might be sort of neat merely were to send my photo, textual content, and layout choices…
this program would return if you ask me an actual PDF file which i could save about my PC and
work with for printing out and about sheets of organization cards. Possibly formatting to either basic paper,
or a variety of Avery Business Unit card Label sheets.

You will find there’s way to build PDF files making use of PHP…
http: //www. fpdf. org/

Not i always have any coding for yourself, but just thinking about it would be unique compared
towards other free business card websites. Something to think about.

well, all the point is if anyone else is to have to get the cards in the site… I’m supposed to be about open source but there can be no point in working with a site that’s information on business cards if there are no money to become made.

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