Layout and menu opinon needed

I’d like an opinon to the menu and layout on the website that I can create.

My target audience is Silver browsers, 40+. It is approximately the History regarding Technology and the best way trends developed to create more technology. I would like it to appear to be a book, where it opens up as a book, but actaully upon web, using html and css. Concerning thought about applying Flash, but I read article that flash tend to make it look problematic to silver surferes,
I want comments on the menu in the top, I get created a prototype utilizing Power point 07.

There are usually some mootools, jsquery form of animations for web sites.
Like that: http: //www. sitepoint. com/examples/jquery/animate4. php

There exists a problem with doing such as that…
It’s not necessary to want your pages to get just images. You choose actual text content material.
Using graphic images for ones text causes search results problems.

Thus, I would say don’t use anything that requires that kind of coding,
as a substitute, go for a new plain website having " prev" " next" web site navigation.

Create a fine background template which they can use for each internet page,
after which you can use PHP coding " includes" fit the text upon each page
when they are displayed… so each page may be a plain text file also , you only
need one template for many pages.

You make no mention of the technical experience (with PHP)

thankyou for that sugesstion. I are deprived of much knowldge involving php but will think of it. I chose to turn it into a book, as it would accompany the theme. But now I’m not sure merely could have a pair of pages of text on one occasion, as it might be misleading and studying the infdoration may become overwhelming,

Is it better to obtain one page in order to reaed than two together.

I would undertake it one page at the moment.

For people with really significant monitors (and web browser windows),
two pages together could work, but not everyone incorporates a large window…
it would require horizontally scrolling (not a fantastic thing).

Make use of cookies to recall which pages a computer owner has already looked at.
When they stopped reading and returned a day subsequently, it would proceed where
some people left off.

Along with a page navigation thing such as this at the best and bottom belonging to the content:

< prev> 12345678910 < next>

Also give you a few alternate CSS form sheets for greater text sizes.
Make as well as accessible for sure.


thankyou MY PARTNER AND I see what an individual mean one site, and it seems to be more professional.
ones help is a lot appreciated.

cookies really are a bad idea. approximately i dislike thumb it pains me to speak about flash would do what you need. as far any page content, this really is minimized by proper using meta tags and also offering a bare html version accessible by just a button(large). flash is for progects just as the one you have got mentioned. how overwhelming it truly is depends on your using it. java and javascript are usually far to clunky for the large scale implimentation.

thankyou. Concerning though about flash often, however I have creted a small prototype. I accomplish have one query, I have quite a few text links and would choose to use arrows pertaining to open, forward and back,
I’m sure it is achievable in flash to have arrows, but would it be viable for coursesmart that I am doing

Look at attachment 4274

I still think that Website marketing surfers stay upon my asite We would like to Jazz it up a tad. I dont realize.

you possibly can list your html pages like A SINGLE. html then prepare a php script that will read_dir(http: //whateverfolder and collection the arrow as a dynamic link dependant on the current versus next page within line.

That’s called pagination. Google it and you should find tons regarding code examples for it.

Why are cookies a bad idea

They’ll be used to preserve a bookmark what is the best page was past viewed.
The consumer can still navigate to every other page, it’s merely a bookmark.

Just in case the book has a certain number associated with pages with unchanging content,
the pagination is possible manually, with static HTML. This post was
not inside the PHP area, so I’m unsure of the publisher’s expertise on PHP.

PHP scripts seeing that he said are all around us for free and cookies are fine in the event you dont rely about them for efficiency. if someone has their security planning or cookies disabled the website is useless.

In the event that someone has snacks disabled, they get what they need.

Hi, thanks for that information., I have 1 problem and I could not make this mind up. Concerning three frames, the left frame has the university or college name on it as well as top frame offers major links, However You possibly can add mini icons on the left hand frame, For example, your computer, mobile, cell phone box, ipod, Tv and online or co

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