Magazine Subscription Recommendations?

I’d like to see to get my husband a subscription to some good web style and design magazine. (I know the very best info is internet… but I want something tangible he is able to read on the particular subway, in the actual bathroom, etc. ) He could be a front-end creator and Flash creator. Interested in all things design, motion images, 3D modeling, and animation. I would choose to find something targeted more on layout than development, but still centered about web media. Any kind of recommendations

I are not aware of of any " online design" magazines, but he sounds like he might end up being a " wired" method of person.
http: //www. wired. com/magazine/

http: //www. 3dworldmag. com/ to get 3D stuff.

There’s a lot of web design / 3D / computer art mags at most of the big bookstores presently.

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