web design from pshop to dweaver

http: //rwsite7. com/rws750preview/rws7_5. html
Our new web design
I used Photoshop/Firework on mac to produce it then brought in to Dreamweaver.
After i pressed return, your white spaces made an appearance. http: //rwsite7. com/rws750preview/rws7mess. jpg

How to make nav web site on left side and main content material pages without light spaces I never mean frames and I’d prefer the page to able to fit in gentle gray areas and in a position to scroll up/down ON THE INSIDE these areas. With regards to you’ll know what I’m dealing with. Thanks

I don’t have white spaces… (see attachment)

I’m not sure but you can search to just free the background. Importance it seperatly in addition to insert it again

BTW: Your current smart with yout prominent page. I could learn the card but it surely doesn’t have any important information on it. HAHahahahah lol

kevind_2007 There’s no doubt that he means those for the bottem and perfect side. It also took me some times to figure it out.

It appears those are conference tables. Maybe resize those in the white areas or delete them. For case in point, select the top left white community and delete, or even select it, ensure the cellpadding, spacing, plus border are fixed to " 0", and make it extremely small… Hope this helps.

hello. it took us 4 hrs along with i finally worked out. i use iframes.

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