Need help and ideas on improving this website


Recently me and this individual developed this website:

w w w. best-value-deals. com absolutely no links to advert click sites… sorry

We intend it to be a website for buyers that gets the most beneficial deals ordered by means of their popularity (the more people select ads the far more they go up)

I claim who’s lacks some style and design and info to the front page,

In search of ideas and thoughts,


I believe it does deficiency some design and also cool graphics to the main page. And I would definately add more info . on what you do on the major page. Maybe a snippet right out the " How will it work" website. As a visitor towards site, I don’t want to leave the principle page to learn what you carry out. I’ll be ready to click on " how does it work" to learn more, but never to actually find out. If you know why.
I would put the following (taken in the " how will it work" page) on your main page:

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