need some ideas

I’ve truly dabbled in constructing websites and had some luck a long way, but when it reaches creating my web pages I always find a way to get stumped.

Below are a few of the site I did.

Brutal Offroad

Texas4x4. org

Lynnes Mastering Loft

and also this one I possess just gotten going on


I want my site to get simple yet easy around the eyes and pleasing to consider. I am fairly adept at HTML CODE and working this way through php, display, and photoshop together with some others.

Have missed this before MY PARTNER AND I posted.

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/starting_out_120/lack_of_inspiration_18038. code

I keep in mind thread… and I STILL possess the same exact problem while you.

I think all this comes down to the fact you KNOW what sort of page was
established, layed out, and so forth. Someone who doesn’t discover how easy it can be to
complete a webpage thinks that looks wonderful as well as great. But I recognize what
gone into it, and as a consequence, have disappointment and feel as while I
could always make it better, more specialized, etc.

Whenever you know how a new magic trick can be performed, it’s definitely not exciting anymore.

Your current Midnight 4-Wheeler internet page…
I have used the CSS themes from Texas Internet Designs before, they may be pretty nice floor plans. I took a single and whacked at a distance at it for a short time — you’ll notice the basic template should you look:
http: //www. miaanez. com

I like your site…

the Midnight web site css is part of DW. I failed to get it through anywhere

"…. part of DW"

That may be interesting, that implies they didn’t make it themselves often.
I should get DW. People find a way to have so great with it.

Seems to my opinion you have done pretty well with out it. I like DW a good deal.

I started using Illustrator now… that’s a great program

did some more work on the midnight site


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