new template…no images…

pondered to redo my site to fit 800×600. I was obtaining iFrame trouble so i thought i would start afresh. However look at these steps and also tell me the reason in my template of index. html theres no images displaying, just image " 0place holders"

ONE PARTICULAR. Delete all old index. html + images
A COUPLE OF. Reslice and resave pertaining to web using identical folder as former site
SEVERAL. open in Dreamweaver
4. Make any adjustments neccessary
5. Site > Magange Website > remove older site
6TH. Save as template
SEVERAL. Create new internet site in site manager
6. Point to basic folder and photograph folder (same since before)
9. Preview template in browser
TWELVE. Cry because none in the images show up

That index. html shows up fine… all images constantly in place, just when i complete a template, the images are nowhere to appear…

Any suggestions

Unfortunately this belongs to the few quarks Dreamweaver includes. I some scenarios it works fine once you build a page a single directory and next change it to another directory. My best advice to mend this is that will point you your dreamweaver along at the new local directory (i. e. C: /websites/newfile ) I which you first created the page along with the images worked. Or you can take the very difficult road an manually replace every image about the page. This system often removes the pesky.. / in the (< img src=.. /images/imagename. gif> ) which is telling the code how the image is a new directory back. The correct code should resemble this (< img src=images/imagename. gif> ) remorseful if this doesnt guide.: beard:

UNFORTUNATLY… i had to learn the hard manner… and the method i resolved it can be buy adding that.. / before everyimage… painstaking work i inform u… then some shots changed size and pondered to change that width to 100% rather then the width in px.

It was incredibly annoying but it surely seems ok now…

Thanks quite definitely for the guide tho… if i didn’t find out in the end i would involving imploded; o

ok cool glad who’s worked for people. hoped i helped some.

DWeaver has a good find/replace. You could have searched for your bad string as well as replaced it while using good string, in particular, bring up the particular FIND window and also tell it hunt for the string < img src=" images/dude. gif" > in addition to replace it along with < img src=" /images/dude. gif" >

it isn’t so painstaking this way.

lol: / i knew that after used to do it… well, oughout only learn simply by ur mistakes (and offer on forums; P )

I am only now getting comfortable with DWeaver’s find/replace. Not because it’s new if you ask me but because it is old… heheh… i have utilised it when it had been not such a very important thing. Way back when it could garble the change. I’ve had a couple of instances with DWeaver as well as Adobe GoLive exactly where it screwed upward the replace and mangled entire folders of HTML. It’s only recently I am reaffirming that the find/replace is literally very helpful.

It’s TAG find and replace comes in handy as very well, for instance whenever you wan tto search your website for every IMG tag that would not have an ALT and give it 1.

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