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the co I work with have recently created a fresh website with a fresh domain name and I have been asked to take a look into buying other websites for the corp. Someone suggested implementing Network solutions. We have visited their website http: //www. networksolutions. com but all I can do is buy websites as i might normally from www. register. com. Does Network treatments offer cheaper domain names It is possible to advantage of having a tally with them

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The prices might be different.

Really the only important thing to check out is whether or not You will be the domain title owner. With several registrars, you obtain domain name, nonetheless they actually private it. You is unable to move it or sell it.

Read the policies carefully and ask questions if essential.

Network Solutions Is a great company, but don’t know if the costs are any as good as anyone else.

Yes, from what POST hear the website you buy is usually registered to these folks. Namecheap. com is actually good aparantly.

My own are with directnic. com, good site, nice interface.

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