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I have taken over our companies website (we are small and not looking to pay a reliable web designer, sorry) with the basic html awareness I learned in one section of the college course. We were using a bad website creation program i always can’t recall right this moment because I in no way touched it; Coursesmart that had been created for it was hideous and I want to to start through scratch. Basically I understand up enough in html and css to create a much nicer site than we had which is adequate for what we are doing, but you can find one issue i always can’t seem to find a consistent resolution for. I’m affraid which it’s probably a far more complicated solution than I want to dive into, but I’d at the least like to recognize.

The main problem I am having is the site looks great once the browser window will be maximized, but once you shrink it, everything starts wrapping to stay in your window. Pretty much any website I view on-line does not make it happen. what I imply is, when you shrink the eyeport, things may correct but some stuff is take off on the side or hidden. Basically I’d like everything to maintain a similar spacial arangement with relationship to the rest when the screen is shrunk, or as close as I’ll get to a similar. Obviously I’ve found hundreds of things about exactly what size window you ought to be creating your web page for, mostly arguements over what an excellent dimensions are. I’m not only concerned with that as I am with how silly it looks once you shrink the browser window and everything jumbles to suit.

I would also love to keep one line locked towards bottom of your window and at this time I am just using page breaks helping put enough space between it along with the stuff above it to maintain it near to the bottom. I’m sure you will find there’s simple solution involving " align: bottom" or maybe something, but I don’t know it yet.

I’m apologize for any length, this is this first post and I want to to be thorough because all the time I try to look a site just for this information I difficult to hit the right keywords to get learn more anywhere near what We would like.


So, first how a great deal html and css have you any idea Do you know xhtml And anything at all else

You ought to be designing your website so it fills the screen of an 800×600 size, but won’t overlap it, which is when the browser is maximised. 1024×768 is the biggest screen you ought to be desinging like in which for. But you problem appears to be that when the window is not maximised fully, coursesmart contracts itself so everything fits towards size of this window, is that right If that is the problem, then I’m guessing your site is set in the wrapper div or similar to that that says its width is usually 100%. What you should do, is set it a thickness in pixels as well as something, so who’s has the exact same width, no topic what size your window is. EIGHT HUNDRED pixels or 750 pixels tend to be good widths. Same for everthing else in your web site like menus or perhaps other divs. Make them a certain width, not 100%. Which should work.

As for your line locking at the bottom of the windowpane, I am undecided what you mean. Can you express more on that certain

I advise that you start over which has a XHTML/CSS template…
either purchase one or discover a free one. Then, customize it.

Also, you should post a chek out your site so you can see what an individual mean.

Thanks for any advice. So far I’d say I understand very little related to html and css in addition to I guess absolutely nothing about xhtml. Coursesmart is cyberderm-inc. com in order to see it. You’re correct i always don’t have anything set into a definitive width, so if that may be my solution as compared with I guess that needs to be pretty easy to mend.

For any other problem, I’m trying to obtain the company correct and contact info always aligned at the bottom of the screen making sure that if the display screen is maximized and the particular page with the site doesn’t have plenty of information on them, the address details isn’t floating in the center of the screen. We have a feeling a better solution I was currently given will solve this problem too, though, so I’ll pursue that.

If the going to manage this site, then I suggest you figure out how to code. Much a lot more flexibility. Go to http: //www. w3schools. com in addition to learn the html page, css and xhtml tutorials and you ought to be fine working on the webpage for now. Or just search via the internet for the faq. But whatever approach, you should find out more coding.

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