Newbie having a mare with forms

I have been building a site for my spouse, and on an entire have figured stuff out as I’ve gon along, as yet that is. She wants a questionnaire.

As I realize it I want to do two things:

A SINGLE. Build the variety as normal (I was using Dreamweaver) puting in certain code that when the button is clicked the item sends the for on the ISP.

3. Upload some extra code towards the CGI-Bin at the particular ISP that shows the server what direction to go with the kind data and in which to send the idea.

Are I right and so far

The form I have created requires the usual material, Name email address etc. However I have got two drop affordable menus asking the consumer to select a precise option.

Is the addition belonging to the drop down selections complicating matters if so just how do i deal with them.

Sorry if this appears slightly vague but I will be not sure where I’m suppose to be going with this.

Just about any thoughts greatfully been given.


When you say a form on earth do you mean a contact sort of some sort Where by people can email her on the website

The form I want to use reuires them that will input contact info, email address, identify etc. I then want them available a drop decrease menu of dress up sizes and again from another that offers a choice of material.

Hope it is a little clearer


Depending on how you are doing it, you are basically around the right track. However, the SERVER is definitely NEVER refered to as the ISP.

Today, as I claimed, you are basically around the right track is that you’re using perl/cgi. But if your server supports the item, you may do better to work with PHP. How to make sure Well, there are a ton of ways, but the best and most through is usually to make a site called test. php. Put nothing within the page but this kind of:


My  PHP  test
< php

Then just check out the page in your web browser. If all the thing is that if are the words My PHP check, view source. If you see everything since you typed it, your not setup to get php. If the simple truth is like 3 websites of php goods, you are setup for php. If you get any vivid black error, it is likely you screwed up your line phpinfo();, I have no idea of how…

If you’re able to do php, then that you can do this in some, semi-basic steps (depends a lot on what you need the server related to your data).

Because you probably already realize, a form provides an action in addition to method. The action will be script you would like to process the information, the method is definitely how it’s posted, I reccomend SUBMIT. The dropdowns don’t really add very much dificulty (least not in comparison with having to study a programming language). I’d show you how you can use them but it appears as though you have enough. See what you could have and post returning, your probably get a better responce when you include things for instance what language you might be writing it inside, what languages you are able to write it with, maybe even your current server platform, links in your forms, ect…



i dont mean for being mean but i dont think you choose wants a site, i think you choose a site however too embarrased to help admit your ensnared. nagger, this site is if you know webdesign and therefore are here to help people that dont. But if you are doing it for the wife good luck


Nicely, that was a big bonus – not. You seem to have lots of anger in everyone, marik. The poor guy is merely trying to study something.

CGI forms basically work how you described, nagger. First the form is displayed around an HTML insurance plan, then the user fills inside the fields -> which have been sent in any page request on the web server -> which relays them into the script in several form (in PHP the particular system processes them for you, in Perl one would need to read the setting variables manually).

You have got to write (a innovative thing to learn), or get a script that states the variables in addition to does your wished-for processing (ex. directs an email).

Each one of the form fields you made needs a name regarding it – this name will be transferred to the script and also you can refer to it to have the data (whether it truly is from a drop-down find box or from your text field isn’t going to matter).

If you are new to online programming, I’d would suggest you learn PHP, as it is closer for the way HTML manages. Go to internet. php. net or better, spend some dozen bucks at buying some paper matter – it’s a great deal nicer than reading through on-screen material, and also usually more detailed.

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