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I’ve made some emblem designs and I need to sell these but I need ideas of how much they will worth. All steps and feedback are usually welcomed.
Art logos: http: //www. facultate. org
Format: http: //www. facultate. org/layout1. html
http: //www. facultate. org/header. html
Header: http: //www. facultate. org/header2. html document

You ought to " watermark" all your images, especially the actual logos.
Individuals will copy these and use these people elsewhere.

There’s another WDF end user who tried to trade logos but wasn’t very
effective. http: //www. graphic3. net/

In that case, he discovered this url: http: //99designs. com/
People like you design logos for clients and acquire money if that client(s)
pick your logo. He’s sold about 8 of them now.

One does nice graphics, so It is best to try something of that ranking and see exactly how it goes.
Usually, create your own a way to sell logos, but understand that there are already
in relation to 1 million some other logo sites… hence, your odds are certainly not very good.

thanks very much for the suggestions. I’m about to try that website you told me about

Fine work

the logos are great.
nice clean. like em, id probably pay $10-20 for your logo like that (if its a new shared license which usually that site must be)… (but 8people a 20 = $160)… hence, try that internet site and sell this under a propagated license (meaning they pay to utilize it, but anyone retain the rights)

I agree 10$ can be a resonable price, may be you’ll find far better one. Good luck for you!

Hey, goodwork against your logos…

WHEN I found this internet site logotournament. com which WE thought maybe good for you.

You can publish your logos to lots of individuals anf if they choose yours, you get paid $250.

Cool concept as you’re already have your designs. You would simply need to change the word.

Expectation that helps

Hey your work is great the designs are cool i need to say. good good luck for future.

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