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Hello there, I’ve got a question about how precisely much I must charge someone. I am just only 17, but I’ve received about 5 several years experience with web development, and I work at a music store. One of several guitar teachers for the music store (he’s related to 24) wants me to generate a site for him. He wishes a. com address and merely a really simple site having a bio, some images, maybe some smaller sound samples, and many others. The awkwardness with price is we’re decent friends at the office, and I’m unsure how much MY PARTNER AND I should charge. I’m sure I should give him an appartment rate on hosting, but then I’m confused how much to charge for your site. What would you guys think

Standard pricing ideas:

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Personally under all those circumstances I’d keep your price low for the mate. He’ll obtain a website, you’ll get some valuable experience, and no doubt if he could be pleased he will tell many others and they’ll give you more work away from it. Raise you prices slowly since you get more work with time from different consumers and gain experience and also a reputation.

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