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The ther day i was browsing through my mobiles (cell phones) settings although looking at graphic options i determined something called publish image. Well this acquired me very interested as my organization is currently working on the website for friends to post thier pictures and thought it will be great if they could just take almost any pictures they desired and upload all of them onto the website right from thier phone! Right after looking briefly on google i didnt definitely find anything helpful. All i need is usually a server to include the pictures that will. As im certainly not great at this particular side of web design i was intending someone could assistance me out

Im using any Nokia 6600 so when you’ve got one take a search browse to a great image then choose options its at the bottom of the food selection. Dont know just what other phones service this feature.

But this could be great if i could get it operating! So can anyone available help!: nervous:

It truly is definately possible. I remember FaceParty. com finding the facility to upload images to their profile from your own Mobile. I guess it’s just a matter of actually simply finding the relevent information.

Confer with your cell phone carrier and Nokia to check out if they have got any info. IIRC, most mobile phone carrier companies only permit you to upload to its servers. Not sure if you possibly could switch it into a different server.

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