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Hello, i want to perform a new format for www. ainsleehooper. com something a lttle bit less text and much more graphical but not sure how to handle it as I aren’t able to draw. I’m thinking the key areas of fascination is my web site and my moblog, after which it my album then my family hardwood, so i’m thinking of maybe having my latest moblog pic through to the front web page and my cam too. I just can’t figure out how to set it out. Every ideas help, bless you, Ainslee

Exercise . color. You have the right ideas. If you realize how to use flash you may earn a few wonderful visuals with restricted art skills. Make a edge bar or add some sort of organizing element for the page. Emphasis the parts you believe are important.

There’s no doubt that the layout is actually fine. You may want to try adding several background images (fading to help bottom or right) behind the very best and left regions, or just incorporating solid background shades. Text isn’t often bad, if it can be accompanied nicely

Hello, thanks for that feedback, much liked. I’d to find out flash but own never tried this before. How hard do you find it for a layman to learn automatically Also, i’d plan to add color nonetheless i don’t are interested to then turn out tacky, so not sure types of colors to bring, or background photographs etc. in regards towards side bar or getting some sort of organising element, could you plesae give me a sample so i can focus on this thanks loads, Ainslee

Deeper, somber colors are frequently what I perfer.

Flash isn’t just about all that difficult to find out the basics, ; however , you can know a whoole wide range of other things which can be really cool. The biggest costs of entry with regard to Flash is the price of Macromedia Flash, your development program, which was somewhere around $400 or maybe $500 last period I checked.

i’m trying the latest layout at http: //www. ainsleehooper. com/layout/layout. htm i recognize the colors usually are not great, and i’ve happen to be playing with color schema although not sure which most viable option, i want some thing hip. Any strategies Thanks, Ainslee

Earliest things first, you might even watch out for any width of the box within the right. Right now, there are some hyperlinks that are that long that they stick out of the box, which isn’t exactly beautiful. Additionally, you might prefer to make the margins about the box a little bigger than 0, since the text right these days is exactly alongside the border, which in turn doesn’t look all that stunning.

Furthermore, the text in the menu on that left side isn’t aligned for the top; instead, it appears its aligned on the bottom. I think it’d probably look greater if aligned prime, but that’s as much as you.

As for color schemas… I’m not great at that, so I’ll let another individual help you.

hello, i had a review of the links around the left, both inside css and the actual file itself and all i could see was aligned heart also i’m unsure how to fix up the correct hand column, made it so that only one item pops up on the feed but i’m just going for understand the css bedding so i’m not sure what to do to ammend this specific Sorry, am a newbie, but eager to find out, thanks

Our mistake, you have extra blank h4 along at the top of this. The right column just is required to be wider. The links can not be broken over a pair of lines, so they just stick out from the box. If everyone make the field wider, they’ll match inside.

i worked out the best way the latest image to work on the site www. ainsleehooper. com/layout/layout. php now i have to job that silly web log feed content

alright, so i hold the layout working currently, i just ought to fix the coloration, what does all people think http: //www. ainsleehooper. com/layout/layout. php

Other than the colors, where I’m not all that skilled, as I’ve stated earlier, the layout is extremely nice. I as it. The margins about the blog area usually are perfect, though I think you possibly can still afford to create them a little smaller in order for you, and everything in addition looks good.

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