Putting PHPBB in a HTLM table cell

Anyone got any strategies on how to achieve this I’m a total beginner and it can be vexing me, all I want to do is have a site with the board integrated within a similar way in order to Here and most of I’m getting is usually a headache!!

When you mean include this forum listing in another page, you have available server side contains, if you have got them available.

Or even, an iframe would also work.

erm, I hate that will sound that fresh but precisely what server side contains any idea where I possibly could find out more about them or how to locate out if I can use them

I’m trying to stay clear of iframes as apart from resize with the forums so they’re going to look really tacky methinks…

Well, if you have got php enabled or even asp enabled, you have available them.

With PHP syntax will be


< php
include("forumpage. htm");

I forget what it truly is in asp, anything like

<! --#include file=" time. inc" -->

Thnaks Bfsoy, I have some sort of sneaky feeling that this will probably be way over my head at the moment, maybe I’ll go and attempt to learn all this stuff from scratch, any ideas using a good resource relating to this I’d hate to possess you spending your complete day spelling things out to a complete newbie!

Well, your on a web site design message board at this time…

Know any language, a good starting point = http: //w3schools. com

They often focus a great deal on beginning, so once you should go further into your language capabilities plus hit a walls, posting on a forum is perfect for a solution.

As well as, http: //php. net
http: //www. asp. net/

Thanks for that, I’ll head off and look over. I just need ideas of enough about most this stuff presently so if I had been asking you inquiries I’d probably end up asking you to write the program code and tell me where to place it!

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