New to Webdesign (Need to change works crap website)

Heya Guys,

I’m a network engineer, i have never done websites in my entire life. Firstly i have some advice on what software to make use of to redesign in addition to fixup my is effective homepage. What software don’t you guys recommened for any first timer We have frontpage 2003 and also Dreamweaver. Which will i use
internet. kwiktron. com could be the website, what don’t you guys suggest

There’s always a debate upon FP vs Dreamweaver. In case you are an amatuer so you are only implementing WYSIWYG programs, then select FP.
In case you are trying to study HTML and be of a " designer" then you’d prefer to go with Dreamweaver.
Go to the bookstore and look through books on everyone, as well for HTML book, and then make a decision based on what you recognize right now and what you experience you could understand.

Where should my spouse and i start from to paraphrase what’s the very first thing i need get started on working on

As long as improving your site I believe the layout is definitely ok, but you’ll probably decide to to imrove this graphics, also select a good color program and change your color scheme.
You are doing need to transform your graphics though. Your web buttons using the gradient effect appearance very amateur. And so, I’d start there.
Furthermore, you have more graphics at the center than you have. You should own more content generally there than graphics.
I’d remove the reliability, performance and client care graphics using the lack of good quality in them (they are blurry).
Furthermore, if you will have a graphic with your content section within your front page, you must explain what it really is (I assume which is an LCD graphic) Although, the fact it really is on your lcd site, you should just remove it and focus on content for the front page.
There is a long way to be on your site, but take one thing during a period and improve the item. Before you understand it, it will look wonderful.

Thank you to the, what did you mean by " Your web buttons using the gradient effect appearance very amateur" An individual mean the tool bar

No, the toolbar along the top is actually enjoying a on your web page.
I’m referring to the silver ones to the left.

I’ve changed colours plus took out much junk, how does it look up to now any better
What else shall i does someone think the quit and right look empty any thoughts

White logo design at top in light grey… the white box that may be created by the particular logo looks displaced… I would either…
a) Make this logo transparent to ensure it sits directly to the grey
b) Put a border around it to ensure it is presented.

The blue borders within the left and suitable work reasonably well however the way you’ve located your middle section shows that if you reduce the size of the browser window rather then evenly reducing proportions the left stays exactly the same width and the suitable one reduces. I would personally make sure that they reduce regularity as otherwise it looks a little odd.


Which light grey part are you currently talking about
Also the position on the middle section anyone mean writing along with picture

Top on the page is lighting grey… logo is actually white… hence logo design has white package around it (ie. the rest of the image)… I assume the particular light grey is a body background colour () or possibly it’s just the particular browser default in which case define the shape colour explicitly in the stylesheet.

Yes, writing and snapshot. If you cut down the browser res the left hand side stays a similar width and the right hand side reduces. This is since you’ve defined it for a three-column layout… this left column is actually blue and 123px, the center (ie. the content) whitened and 727px and also the right hand a single just fills the rest of the screen. It would be better to create the " heart column" float inside blue so that because the screen resolution decreased the page would certainly keep looking balanced.


All right i see just what exactly you mean, i will try and remedy it tomorrow as i are not aware of what i feel doing with dreamweaver. I might try frontpage future: glasses:
As you can see the front page is actually very plain, what may i do to ensure it is look better.

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