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I’m a big fan in the Macromedia suite, on the other hand, if you are only starting out, don’t let that tutorials trick everyone into creating a image-heavy site with fireworks. It took me a time to evolve directly into low images along with CSS. CSS could be the way of the long run. I like Dreamweaver to get editing, even even though I simply kind out the signal myself. It permits me easily swap between code and also design views.

Look into my sites:
JD Styles – http: //www. j-ddesigns. com – this is my business site
JD Property – http: //jdhome. 125mb. com/ – this is my personal web-site (mainly photos)

Both of the use CSS to perform all the do the job.

Ok , i’ll know what you think and any testimonials on style / formation / etc.

I’m keen on the look of one’s personal site, but it’s interesting that you say you’ve evolved into low photographs. On your backlinks page, even that empty boxes will be images. Why not just set a background-color style

Overall, though, I think how we are using CSS along with divs on both of your sites instead involving tables is excellent!

And there is a nice-looking family. But do something about your hair!

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