Simple Hit Counter?

Hi there everyone.

Does anybody realize how to make a EASY hit counter I have looked, and considered, but nothing, apart from those hit surfaces for " FREE".: frustrated:

Anything you’ll be able to post will possibly be helpful, Thanks!


Around what language

Maybe you have tried my PHPCounter: http: //ekstreme. com/phpcounter It can be free, very simple to put in, and provides you with lots of info.

Or, the basics of a counter are:

YOU. Figure out that page is staying tracked.
COUPLE OF. Find out the existing count.
THREE OR MORE. Add one to the count and…
FOUR…. display it (optional)
SOME. Save the count number.

I tried to install, that was the particular easy part. I cannot appear to get it to be effective properly.

I plan to use the counter in a HTML file to be specific. I think that one seemed to be for PHPs.

Possibly there is anything else out there: nervous:


Why do you find it necessary to have got a hit counter
Do you mean you wish to just view the statistics, like the stats log

Make counters themselves will not mean anything, as you can make it
display a range you want.

You’ll find statistic things such as " sitemeter. com" of which keep a
bunch of stats on the webpage, without the exact counter appearing.

If you want a number to appear on your own webpage, just very difficult code any
number you want, like 10123… exactly who cares Nobody appearance at the
surfaces anyhow.

If your webhost allows PHP or Perl and SSI (server aspect includes),
you may code your very own counter, like write your personal Perl script.
Apart from the experience regarding writing one, it aren’t worth the time to accomplish it.

If your server supports PHP, then you need to use. htaccess to advise the server to be able to parse HTML documents as PHP then all PHP scripts works in your HTML DOCUMENT files.

In case you have another server aspect language supported (perl, python, etc) then you could find something out generally there. For perl, attempt AWstats. It’s the clunky interface, but gives nice information.

Fails that, you are stuck to your client-side solution. There are two quite typical ways to take action (javascript or asking for a remote hosted image that is actually a script that outputs the image). Regarding what’s good, there are lots. I know that most webhosts actually function a counter for their clients: look via their help information and FAQ as well as something.

SSI incorporates a built in depend function, that contains server logs. It’s such as this:

<! --#echo var=" PAGE_COUNT" -->

I am certain that your hosting plan must come with selection of hit counters free of charge

try this company.
http: //sitemeter. com/

i use them for all those my clients

you could retain an intern to keep track of the number involving visitors.

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